Monday, February 16, 2009

The Challenge! Week 6 When In France

The Challenge Week 6! When in France....

Quoted from Diaper Diaries:

Remember back when you were dating your hubby and that firework sensation that came from a really good kiss? How come those “feel it all the way in your toes” kisses are far and few between once you’ve been married a while? I told one of my single friends once that once you get married you just kind of stop making out. She almost started to cry. Cause who wouldn’t want a good make out session?

Instead, it sometimes feels like “oh, you’re kissing me with tongue, that must mean you want sex.” What if you sprung one of those kisses on your hubby when it couldn’t be followed up upon? Now, I am not talking about some sort of teasing torture. That would be wrong (fun, but wrong). I’m saying maybe when he comes home and the kids aren’t paying much attention (lest you scar them for life), you plant a big one on him. Then smile slyly and move along. Build some anticipation that was so prevalent when dating. Then later, have a little make out session before getting down to business. Pretend for a moment the inevitable…isn’t inevitable.

Tim and do ok in this aspect. I pretty much can't get to the main course without an appetizer, so we HAVE to have adequate foreplay. Go for it!

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