Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Update!

Well, it looks like I haven't blogged at all since Presidents' Day. I'm so sorry!

Monday the 16th Night:
We bought me a new computer! Yay! Tim now works for HP & they were having some awesome Pres. Day sales. When we combined that with Tim's employee discount we were able to save boo-koo bucks on a new sweet kick butt computer, 20" flat screen monitor, & an HP all-in-one photo printer! Yay! The printer & monitor arrived yesterday & the computer left Texas yesterday as well! Wahoo! I can't wait for the Sims 3 now.

Tuesday the 17th:
This is the day my constipation finally ended. That was wonderful. Oh, you didn't know I was constipated...well sheesh, I should have told you, I was stopped up for like 4 days! (I'm now thinking it could be a pregnancy thing! YAY!) It was a LOONG work day, followed by a Girl Scout meeting. Chrissy called, because she was working in my neighborhood & wanted to know if I could pick up Carolynn from her job site. I told her I couldn't, but Tim could. So Tim babysat until I got home from scouts. He did a GREAT job. Caro ended up being there quite late & we actually put her to bed!

Wednesday the 18th:
I can't remember. Isn't that sad?

Thursday the 19th:
I went to work. Mrs. White came in and observed me during workstations time. I still haven't had a post-observation meeting with her. She was supposed to e-mail me, but didn't. She said I needed to do more hands-on teaching. I was working with a group almost the entire time she was in there. Interesting. It was a half day for the kids, followed by a staff meeting for us. Boring, with a capital B. After the staff meeting I went back to my room & worked until around 6ish. Then I headed to Va Beach to babysit for my pal, Melanie. The only noteable thing really was that I was SUPER emotional all day & had to fight back tears on several occasions. When I got to Mel's and spent a bit of time on the computer, I realized that it was 9DPO in my cycle. This was the day that I burst into tears in church during my Nov. pregnancy.

Friday the 20th:
I had a long day at school. I taught math, whole group, for 3 1/2 hours & most of my kids GOT what I was teaching. I had previously spent 8 one hour sessions trying to teach the SAME material in small group. (Each group got about 25 minutes of my time.) In one three hour lesson, I got kids to mastery. I hate teaching in small group. I got the boys right after school & headed home. Mandy picked them up very soon after we got back to the house & I went to chillaxx on my computer. Only around 5:00 Chrissy showed up on my doorstep with all 4 kids. She wanted to know if I'd babysit while she went to the job site in my neighborhood & finished up. Sure, why the hell not. So, we had the big kids & Caro until about 7:30ish & they were good. When Chrissy got home we all went out to Golden Corral for dinner. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't worth $27 smackers! After dinner we pretty much crashed.

Saturday the 21st:
That day started out with the excitement & worry over the light lined test. I spent too much time analyzing and taking pictures & then had to race to get to Saturday school on time. After Saturday school, I dropped a student off at home, went to 7-11 to put gas in the truck & went to Pep Boys to buy the wrong brakes. I didn't know they were the wrong brakes until tonight, though. When I got home, I got busy cleaning our house. James was already here, helping Tim work on my car (new front brakes & a new serpentine belt!) but Missy and the T-Man were coming at 4:00. As it was I didn't get the chores done until closer to 5:45, but I did eventually get the house clean. Missy and I chatted while I cleaned & fixed dinner. We had Italian chicken, peas, bread sticks, and baked potatoes. After dinner I was beat. The boys played video games & Missy & I chillaxxed on the couch. When James and Missy left, I crashed, hard.

Sunday the 22nd:
Another super light test greeted me first thing this morning. Bummer. I was hoping the lines would darken up. It showed up after 2 minutes though, so it's definitely NOT an evaporation line. We got ready for church & I did some dishes. We had to pick up Spencer and Grayson on our way to church & they weren't ready. We managed to get them ready & out the door JUST in time to squeak in the doors at church before the service started. After church we headed to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. Mmm mmm good! After that, we buzzed home, and then buzzed back out to James and Missy's house. The plan was to put the rear brakes on my car & set-up a grill of James & Missy's. Only, my car has drum brakes, not disc, so they didn't need changed! And there were some other guys there to visit, so not a lot of work got done. Oh well. Missy made a yummy dinner that I couldn't really eat. I just wasn't feeling hungry at all. After dinner we started packing the boys up & got ready to leave. When we left we headed to Amanda's to get some formula & then we headed to Wal-Mart to get the pregnancy tests. I got a 4 pack of FRER tests. Three are lines & one is a YES/NO digital. I also got a 2 pack of Clearblue digitals. So I have 3 of each kind. Yay! We also got $70 worth of wires, so Tim can use the t.v. in the office as a monitor & a shower mirror. I picked up a few baby things on clearance too, for Caro. When we got home, we vegged out & Grayson ran around and played. Lindsey just picked the boys up around 10:45. So, now that this post is done, I'm heading to bed.

The plan for tomorrow is to call the doctor & try to get a blood test ASAP. I'm going to take a line test first & then if there's anything there, switch to digital.

Keep the prayers flowing!
Here's today's test again. Stacey from Diaperswappers touched up the contrast so you can REALLY see the second line! Yay!


Smellyann said...

Tim switched jobs??? WHAT?!! I didn't know that!

And - a shower mirror? Huh?

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping, hoping, hoping!!!!