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Dressy Dribbles Car Seat Cover Giveaway!

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You know I love all things baby, riight?
Well, Reviews just did the AWESOME review of Dressy Dribbles. The best part? They're also hosting a giveaway! Yay!

Enter to win a reversible car seat cover from Dressy Dribbles. Just stop by MomDot Reviews where you’ll find this great giveaway and more mom blogger reviews. Contest ends Friday, February 27, 2009.

About Dressy Dribbles:
Dressy Dribbles is a unique company started by two moms, Melissa Shaw and Jennifer Lamkin, specializing in giving your new and old car seats a makeover with covers for infants and toddlers.From the mom’s in charge themselves…Dressy Dribbles was created by two new moms who learned through experience what kinds of things can make a mom’s life easier. We kept finding ourselves saying “wouldn’t it be great if…” and “don’t you wish that…” and a little while later a company with the objective of creating the most practical and convenient products for babies and moms was born.Dressy Dribbles offers stylish infant car seat covers, toddler car seat covers, and blankets. But unlike any other car seat covers out there, ours snaps on and off. So washing your little one’s car seat cover has never been easier. We use only the highest quality fabrics and offer a variety of contemporary designs.
Mom Approved:
Maybe it was bad timing, bad luck, or a little bit of both. We had a terrible time finding a car seat we loved for our daughter. While safety is by far the most important, the look of the car seat is just below that. The 2008 lines of car seats were flying off the shelves with little to choose from and 2009 lines haven’t made it to the shelves yet. With my daughter’s arrival just around the corner we had to just pick a car seat and forget that it wouldn’t be as pretty as we had hoped for.Then, I found
Dressy Dribbles! This wonderful company that specializes in giving new and old car seats a makeover like no other, came to my rescue turning my daughter’s drab black and purple car seat into a stunning mix of lavender minky and Asian Flower brocade. The idea behind these car seat covers is simple, the process of dressing up the car seat, even simpler. Just take a look at the quick video, posted over on Reviews.

Dressy Dribbles car seat covers are more than just a new look. They are 2 in 1 with lots of extra advantages. Each cover is reversible with a solid color on one side, and a pattern on the opposite, making it fun to pick your “flavor of the day” and comes with a matching canopy. You can even add a matching reversible blanket for the finishing touch!

Here are my top reasons for recommending this product to moms:
machine washable
installs in minutes with snaps, no re-threading the harness straps
keeps original fabrics clean from diaper explosions and spit-up
fits most standard car seats

Mom Improvements:
Each piece to the car seat cover was so easy to install, there is little room for improvement. All I can suggest is more designs! Moms love variety.
I'd add that they need more Gender Nuetral patterns. I'd love on in a fun, funky, print that was nuetral fo ra boy or girl! (yellow, green, orange, light blue)

Buy It:
Dressy Dribbles has a variety of
stylish infant car seat covers from $35 - $50. Want the complete gift set including matching blanket? You can buy that at a discounted price of $65 - $80. You can also give your toddler car seat a makeover with a variety of covers for $50.

Win It:
Dressy Dribbles is offering one lucky reader the choice of an infant or toddler car seat cover in their favorite print!

SO, of course, I have to get as many entries as possible in this AWESOME giveaway! I'm trying to win a toddler car seat cover, so that when I have the Care-Bear, I don't have to use that raggedy/filthy car seat of Chrissy's! Sad & pathetic, but still gross.

Thanks Momdot!

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