Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Wagie" Rides for Tuesday

Fellow bloggers,
If you haven't read about this sweet little child then went Home to the Lord last week, then you're missing out. Tuesday Fiona Whitt was about 18 months old when she passed away from a severe form of cancer. Her twin sister and brothers will grow up without her sweet little personality in their lives. The blog her parents wrote wasn't solely devoted to her cancer & it truly shows how they kept on living, even after her diagnosis.
Today, they are hosting a "Wagie" & Bike Ride in their hometown. Tuesday apparently loved wagon rides. Since complete strangers can't make a treck to Colorado to show support, some of Tuesday's followers have started a 'virtual wagon ride.'

This quote is from Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit:
The power of many, pulling as one.
I didn't have to wander far this weekend to stumble upon post after post mentioning the pain, the anger, the sadness felt over the loss of
Tuesday Whitt.It constantly amazes me the power of this crazy blogosphere. How one sentiment can spread like wildfire. So when Lee, at Moms without Blogs, sent me a note with an idea utilizing these connections in order to offer the Whitt Family support, I honestly got goosebumps.On Saturday, February 7th at 11:00 a.m., the Whitt Family is holding a celebration in Parker, Colorado. They're having a wagon and bike parade to honor Tuesday with one of her favorite things to do - "wagie rides."We all can't be there physically, but we can be there in spirit.

My blog is wearing the badge over there on the sidebar. Click on it, if you'd like to participate.


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