Monday, February 23, 2009

Pay It Forward

A Contest Folks!

I won the Pay It Forward from a blogger I stumbled across & I'm here to post my own Pay It Forward. It's a fun little contest. Basically, you need to be one of the first three commenters on my blog to win! Then if you win, I'll make you a handmade treat and you host a Pay It Forward on your own blog.

I have to get it in the mail within 365 day's. I will get it in the mail sooner that that though, long as a hurricane doesn't hit the post office...or an elephant doesn't crush the prizes...or any other horrific catastrophe doesn't occur...count on it coming sometime within the next month.

Now, the three people who win a prize, MUST host a 'Pay It Forward' on their blog. They will send a homemade gift to the three people who won and so on.

Sounds good right?

Get to commenting...


Smellyann said...

I win?!

I'm so excited you're pregnant, Willis!!!!

Joelle said...

Oh exciting!! I love the idea!!

Congrats on your baby!!!

Shauna said...

I l♥ve to pay it forward! Please count me in! Here is where I posted this on my blog :)