Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Update!

Phew, I've almost made it through this weekend!

We'll start with Friday night.
I had a decent day at school, I finally feel like I'm treading water, safely. Terrell dropped Grayson and Spencer off at school at about 3:15. I had some more work to do, so I did that with them in tow. We left the school around 4:00 and headed to Virginia Beach. My first stop in VB (with both boys asleep in the car) was at Melanie's to visit her & pick up my camera. She's doing very well post-op and I'm so proud of her for trying so hard! (I love you Melly!) From there I headed to Carolynn's babysitter's house to pick her up. I had to JAM the third car seat into my car in order to get the door to close, but I got them all in.
After we left the babysitter's we headed towards the mall, where I went to the UPS store to drop off my Homescan system. Apparantly I didn't enter anything within the first X amount of days & they removed me from the program. I tried to several times, but either the store wasn't in the system or I didn't have the reciept & they wanted me to enter the prices. Oh well. It might have been fun, but I really didn't have the time for it. Then we went to the Navy Federal down the street. That was an ordeal. I had Spencer asleep in his car seat in the stroller, Carolynn sling-riding on my chest, and Grayson by the hand. We had to be seen by a real person to deal with the nasty letter they had sent me. I also deposited a $40 check from my Grams (from back when we bought Carolynn diapers, meds, and her teddy bear). After that we headed to Tom and Peggy's house. All of the babies needed food and fresh diapers. Amanda was on her way to VB to pick up the boys, so I got busy on the diapers & food at Tom and Peggy's. As I finished filling the last sippy cup & all the diapers were changed, Amanda pulled up. (It took me THAT long to do 3 diaper/clothes changes & fix bottles & sippies, but Amanda also drives like a bat out of hell.) We said goodbye to T & P & loaded the babies into the different cars & I headed home. When I got home, Tim and I worked on cleaning a bit, while taking care of Carolynn. She was sick and cranky, but we eventually got her to eat & then go to sleep. Tim and I crashed not long after she did.

Saturday Morning:
I got up WAY TOO early. I got showered, dressed, and took care of the laundry before the Little Miss woke up. I passed her off to Tim while I finished getting ready for Saturday School. Tim did a good job taking care of her & she didn't even cry while I left. Saturday School was fine. Mrs. White has asked the Instructional Team to come out and "help" us. Which was wierd. Basically, I don't think she has any faith in me as a teacher after last week. So, Mrs. B from the Instructional Team, sat in on my first group (I do the same thing 3x.) and didn't really say anything. Then Mrs. White tried to come into my last group, but one of my students ended up getting thrown out of his group by Mrs. R. and so Mrs. White had to go with him to the office. I don't know why she thinks she needs to babysit me & I hope she doesn't do that during the regular school day. It's just going to piss me off.
Then, after S.S., I went down to Chic Fil A and got some lunch. I rushed back to the school, to wait on my Girl Scouts and before long we had a little group of 7 girls & 2 adults. We headed out to the Service Unit Badge Day and had a blast. The event was well organized & fun for the girls! I ended up having one more girl show up, and one leave about 10 minutes early, so we were ok with the car seat situation. (I can't put anyone under 13 in my front seat b/c of the airbag.)
After the Girl Scout thing was over, we went back to school & all of the parents were waiting, yay! We dropped off the girls & I headed home. I got home & was PISSED! Tim had been home alone for at least 3 hours and didn't do jack diddly squat. OH I was HOT! So, I had to RACE through the house, cleaning, making the bed, cleaning the bathroom, and generally getting things not so gross for my dad. I gathered up all of the stuff I needed to take with me and headed out. I went first to a Freecycler's house to get another bag of clothes to try on Tony. Then I went to Wal-Mart to get Ashley's birthday presents, potatoes, chocolate for the cake, Breaking Dawn (YAY!), and some baby clothes that were from $0.75-$2.00 each! Yay!
From there, I raced to Amanda's house, where the real craziness began. We quickly washed the potatoes, threw them in the oven, and finished preparing dinner. We had a LOT to do & we got a huge meal on the table in about an hour. We had 6 children, ranging in age from 6 months-12 years old. We also had 6 adults. There was plenty of food to go around and we all ate for a long while. After dinner, I dashed upstairs to wrap MY gifts, only to find, that NOBODY had wrapped their presents! Lovely, so I wrapped my gifts, Mom and Dad's gifts, and Chrissy's gifts! While I was doing that, Amanda made lava cakes, mmm, mmm, good! When we were both done, we came downstairs, ate cake, and sang Happy Birthday to little miss Ashley Nicole, who is now 8 years old! Then we did the present thing and Ashley was very happy! After that, began the mad dash to clean up & get Chrissy & her crew out the door. Tim and I didn't leave until about 10 o'Clock.
Tim headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things & Dad and I headed home. We unloaded the truck, while Tim did the shopping. When we all got home, in, and unpacked, we went straight to bed! It was almost 11 and we were tired!

Sunday Morning:
This morning we woke up nice and slowly. I think I might've ovulated yesterday, so we had to take care of those needs too. My dad went and got coffee & donuts. Then we all sat around talking way too long. Tim and I got in the car to go to church & realized the service started in 15 minutes. Oh well, no church again today!

So now, Tim is cleaning the kitchen, I'm supposed to be cleaning the rest of the house, and we have no real plans for the rest of the day, other than spend $$ and get outdoors.

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Don't you ever relax? Seriously.