Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another, can you see it?

Hey Folks,

Since this is about ALL I can think about right now, it's all I have to post for now. Hopefully I'll come by and do a LONG Sunday update tonight.

OK. This is the same picture, just in the bottom one I drew you an arrow to help you find the line. It is a lot fainter today, which is depressing & scary. I'm praying like crazy, begging God to let me have this baby and to keep it safe and snug in my womb. I KNOW there is a tiny little baby in there just wanting to be ours forever. It's just so hard to be excited when there's so much fear. I'm terrified of losing it, I want it so badly.
Here's a prayer that one of my Diaperswappers Mamas sent to me.
Dear heavenly Father,
I come before you right now to lift my sister, Steph, and also myself up to you in prayer.

We both know and awknowledge you are the true creator and you make everything perfect. We give you admiration, praise, and love, Lord, for everything you do is good.

We thank you right now for answering our prayers, for looking inside our hearts and learning our deepest desires. You are faithful and GOOD!

Lord, we ask that you keep your angels over us. We ask that you set up your wonderful hedge of protection around us, our bodies, and these precious children that you have knit into our wombs.

We are putting our utmost faith into you, God. We believe your word and we believe in you.

Give us your strength, God, in our moments of weakness. Remind us gently of your promise in our moments of doubt.

You are beautiful and wonderful and so worthy of our praise. We love you, Lord and we pray this prayer in your son Jesus' precious and holy name.

I'll be picking up some digital tests and some more line tests tonight. Digitals aren't as sensitive so I think I'm going to wait to try those, because I definitely DO NOT want to see "NOT PREGNANT" on a test.
Please, please, pray for our little baby!


Joelle said...

Oh I will be praying for you!!!

Smellyann said...

Are you SURE it's fainter today? Because I could see it better today than yesterday! Definitely praying for you and that wee babe, keep me posted!!