Thursday, February 5, 2009

Think Thin Thursday!

Well, it's another Think Thin Thursday in the blog-o-sphere and I have failed again!

I didn't do ANY Wii Fit this week. I've been SLAMMED at work & Chrissy & the kids were here this weekend. We couldn't get the Wii out Friday-Sunday because of the kids. Then, starting first thing Monday morning I've been busting my butt & staying out until after 8 PM each day with work, Girl Scouts, and getting stuff from Freecycle. You see, last weekend, Tony, Brianna, and Ashley, had 1 change of clothes & no underwear or socks! So, I've been scouring freecycle trying to find stuff for them. There are so many giving people out there!

But, that's beside the point. I haven't had time to get on Wii Fit & that was my number 1 goal. I have been keeping up with the water & I think that's helped with my energy. I slacked off on the caffiene though because I didn't have any bottles to bring to work & I bought some Creme Soda at the grocery store. I know, I know...but I wanted it!

I did get some exercise on Saturday, when we went to Nauticus.

Well, I did manage to lose another 0.4 lbs and now I'm down to the 191 range! Yay! So far this year, I've lost 3 lbs! Wahoo!

I didn't do any exercises on Wii Fit tonight, I just checked my weight.

I don't have a low fat dessert option to suggest, because I don't diet!


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