Saturday, December 20, 2008

An update!

OK, so what are we looking at here?
1. I ovulated on my own on CD 12! Wahoo! The only downside of this is that now, my doctor says I don't need Clomid anymore. Even though I liked it! (I had a longer fertile phase & more fertile quality cervical fluid.)

2. I am 10 (days past ovulation) DPO and my temp spiked big time today. For the first time in a year of charting, I recorded a temperature higher than 98.2*. My temperatures today were 98.46* and 98.62*. So you might ask why did I recorded 98.3* today? Well, that's because I woke up late.

3. I have had some new "possibly pregnant" symptoms! Heartburn, crazy bloatedness, exzema, crampy-ness, and frequent urination. The only one of those I've noticed before was the exzema last month & it's not as bad this month. My skin is definitely drier but I'm also not letting it get bad. (Lotioning up & all that good stuff...)

4. I'm really and truly hopeful that this could be the month. If I am pregnant, we are going to beg and plead with Dr.Morgan to get some bloodwork done before I leave town to make sure my hormone levels are ok. I don't want to go to PA and then have another miscarriage & not be able to get to a doctor.

So there you have it, a ttc update! Wish me luck & if you pray, please pray that we are pregnant & that it's a nice healthy sticky little poppy seed!

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