Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tired Ninnie

Let's see....

Saturday afternoon we took Carolynn and the dogs to the park. It was in the 50s so she was super bundled up but she had fun, I think.

Sunday we skipped church b/c we were up late Saturday night. We putzed around the house until 2ish & then headed to Chrissy's for Tony's birthday party. Chrissy made some seafood. Then we all watched Tony open his 3 presents. I'm so sad for where my nieces & nephew's lives are right now. I wish we could do more, but unfortunately we can't. If we did, Chrissy & John would just take advantage of it anyway. He got a Pokemon gift set from us. It had a deck, a holo promo card, a super sized holo promo card and two booster packs. We got Brianna the same thing for her birthday next week. Mandy got him a Nerf gun. I think he'll have that broken before Christmas. Mom and Dad got him an "archaeological dig" toy. You dig out the 2 dinosaurs & then assemble the bones like a model.

Mandy had Spencer & Grayson at the party too. Here's a quick picture of Spencer. He's getting so big!

Tony seemed happy with the things he got. Afterwards, we took Tony with us to Wal-Mart. I needed gift wrapping supplies & we wanted to get out of the house. We ran into Peggy, Beth, and Ms. Cannon (one of my friends from work) at Wal-Mart. Then we went to the mall. We browsed around Game Stop, Ritz Camera (Tim wants to get me a new digi. camera soon!), and then went upstairs to get some Cold Stone.

After that, it was time to take Tony home & then head home ourselves.

Monday I was late to work. I really need to get there on time, but it seems like the world is against me on that. Monday was the first day of our "Camp Young" field trip. It went well but it was so cold. After work, I stayed late to work on my presentation for Thursday. (We are presenting a chapter from "The Art and Science of Teaching", over on my bookshelf!) Then it was time for Girl Scouts. We did 3 badge activities. The girls had fun & that's what is important. Next week is our holiday party. Fun stuff.

Today, I was late to work again, but not as bad as yesterday. We went to Camp Young again. The kids were bad today though, so we didn't get to go outside. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so that sucks. The kids did do better on the bus on the way home, though. We get 2 buses on the way to Camp but only 1 on the way back. It's ridiculous! Even us teachers have to sit with one or two kids! After work, I worked on my project. I also read some Twilight. I'm re-reading it again! I read Midnight Sun last week. Then I read Twilight & Midnight Sun simultaneously. I've finished Midnight Sun (again!) and am now finishing the rest of Twilight.

Tim and I had chicken wings for dinner & I watched 2 episodes of Prison Break. I just spent an hour looking at blogs & blogging. Ugh...it's bedtime now!


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Smellyann said...

I so love the pictures of Caro all bundled up! Super cute!