Sunday, December 14, 2008

More good news!

Well, I finally did get moving today. I'm going to go in reverse order back to my last blog post.

I just got out of the shower & put lotion on. Guess what...there is exzema breaking out in 6 places on my legs. It wasn't there this morning! Now, I know, you're thinking, what kind of nutcase includes an irritating skin rash as GOOD news..... But, we are pretty sure that my exzema breaking out last month was a pregnancy sign (since it was almost completely cleared up by the time I went to the doctors!), so this could be my FIRST pregnancy sign! Now is the time to start praying that there is a little ball of cells in there, just waiting to turn into our little baby! I've already been praying my heart out, just constantly thanking God for all that we have and asking for His will in this journey.

I got all of the laundry put away! Yay! All of the folding clothes are in their drawers, all of the hanging clothes are hung. The only things that aren't put away are a few pieces of Tim's clothes, because we ran out of hangers, and the stuff still on the drying rack. I didn't take care of the socks yet...maybe tomorrow. I also have an entire HUGE load of towels in the dryer, ready to be folded, but they must wait too. BUT--we are no longer using the Pack N Play as a laundry basket, so that's good.

Tim and I watched "Bewitched" while we decorated the tree. We only got it 1/2 way done, so no pictures yet. We still have at least 3 kinds of ornaments to put on. I was raised with "themed" trees....with only sets of 12 ornaments being allowed on the trees. Although I'm not as particular as my mother, I do like things done a certain way. Our tree is prelit with white lights, but that's not enough, so Tim added 2 strands of large purple lights, too. Then we add ornaments one set at a time. I don't care which ones go first, just so long as the whole SET goes on at once. So far, we have the light bulb Santas, jingle bell snow men, tiny purple balls, and silver and purple gifts on the tree. We have silver bows, silver jingle bells, medium purple balls, and large silver balls still to add. Did I mention I like LOTS of ornaments? We have at least 10 of each kind of ornament. We have a dozen of some and as many as 18-24 of others. I'll definitely take a picture when we're done decorating, because I think it's beautiful & nobody will be coming to our house at all this season to see it. Ugh. Maybe I can get December Bunco next year. Then I'll have all of my friends over to see my tree! Hee hee...

Before the tree decorating we had to finish cleaning the house up. (Basically just vacuuming the living room.)

We spent the afternoon at Chrissy's house for Brianna's birthday. It was much the same as Tyler's except we had steak instead of seafood. I took pictures but the camera is in the car & I am in pjs. After the birthday we swung by Tom and Peggy's for a bit so we could visit them.

Tim came home around 2:30 and I was almost done with the housework by then.

I vacuumed & cleaned up, the guest bedroom, office, our bedroom, and hallway. I swept and cleaned both bathrooms. I got the laundry taken care of and ready to be put away. I even straightened a tiny bit in the kitchen.

Tomorrow is my Girl Scout holiday party. Fun, fun, fun. I'm supposed to bring mashed potatoes, but I think I'll just get some from the deli instead! Oh well. I need to pick up some treat bag stuff for the girls and the chicken after school tomorrow.

I'm off to bed now, I've got to try to get enough rest each night so my little ball of cells can grow into a big strong baby.

Speaking of babies, Tim and I have decided that our name options are back up for discussion.

Here are the names we originally (and for the last 5 years!) liked:

Isaac Wayne (our firstborn son will have the middle name Wayne which means "wagon maker") (Isaac means "laughter")

Patrick George (Patrick means "nobleman" and George means "farmer")

Jacqueline Rose (this is definitely our firstborn daughter's name) (Jacqueline means "to protect")

Olivia Jane (Olivia means "peace" and Jane means "gracious & merciful")

NOW, we're considering:

Olivia Claire for our SECOND girl (Claire means "clear & bright")

Madeline Claire (if we have girl twins)

Vincent Wayne (Vincent means "conqueror" & we can use the nicknames, Vince, Vin, or Vinny)

Lucas Wayne (Lucas means "light" and we can use the nickname Luke, which means "bringer of light")

So, basically our first girl name is set & our first boy middle name is set...but otherwise we don't know!

Comment below & tell us what you think of our choices & what names you like!

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Stephanie said...

Dad's vote is for Vincent Wayne Goetsch...