Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Parts 1, 2, and 3!

Christmas Part 1 was last Saturday night when we went to James and Missy's. We gave Trevor two Little Tykes construction trucks and J & M a $25 gift card to Target. J & M gave us a $30 giftcard to Target. Yea, we know each other like that. Unfortunately, I didn't get ANY pictures at all from that visit, so there's nothing FUN to report.

Christmas Part 2 was yesterday at Tom and Peggy's house. Loren flew in on Friday night so it was good to see him. We had "white sauce" with chicken & noodles for dinner. I mostly ate corn. Then we watched almost all of The Santa Clause. Near the end of the movie we decided to open presents. We gave Tom a drill and a goofy car toy, it makes noise when the car shakes/turns/stops quickly! We gave Peggy a set of 3 Christmas flavored Yankee Candles. We gave Beth two Sims 2 expansions and she REALLY liked them. We also gave Loren "The Christmas Sweater" by Glenn Beck and a $30 Kohl's gift card.

Here's some pictures of them:
Loren gave Tim two different Collector's Sets of "Cars" cars. They are nice! He gave me a nightlight (it's purple) that is also an essential oils burner. Beth gave Tim a Family Guy doll and a gift card to WalMart. She gave me a giftbag full of scrapbooking supplies! Tom and Peggy gave Tim a giant (over 6 foot tall!) fleece tie blanket, a $50 Visa giftcard, and a 20 count set of Craftsman screwdrivers! They gave me a purple fleece tie blanket, a $50 A.C. Moore gift card, a deviled egg serving platter, and a S'Mores Hot Chocolate gift set. They all really went above and beyond, we weren't even expecting anything from Beth or Loren! We are SO thankful for all the gifts!
Christmas Part 3 was at Rob and Melanie's house yesterday! We didn't get over there until close to 8:00 so it was a late night. The kids opened their presents and were all happy! Chloe got a Cat's Cradle Klutz book, Sophia got a Ming Ming doll and coloring book, and Jack got 15 Hot Wheels cars! We gave Rob and Melanie a $20 gift card to Panera!

Here are some pictures of them:
OK, I have to interject here, because although Chloe LOVED the book...she had a rough start! She didn't want to let Melanie and I help her learn how to do the moves and she wasn't getting that it was a partner game. So Melanie and I commandeered the string and played by ourselves for a few minutes! Then after Chloe had putzed around for a bit, not making anything on the string, she came back and was more in the mood to be "helped" and taught how to do the Cat's Cradle. When she got the first one done correctly, she was SO happy!
Can you tell HOW happy?Jack was SO into his cars that he wouldn't even look at the camera...but that's ok cause you can still see his ear-to-ear grin! Sophia was probably the most animated of all! She was shouting and whooping with glee!
She screamed, It's for YOU and ME! talking to Jack when she realized what it was in the package! She carried Ming Ming all over the house & the two littles periodically broke out in Wonder Pets song!
Melanie told me a couple days ago that she ordered a gift for us, to be shipped to our house, but she refuses to tell me what it is. Clues so far are: 1. it might have some purple in it, 2. it is to be used. 3. Melanie has one too & she already got hers. Yep, that's it. I'm hoping it comes Monday because I don't want to be in suspense all week! Stay tuned for Christmas Parts 4 (Tonight!) and 5!

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