Tuesday, December 2, 2008

School, Girl Scouts, and Charting

Well, today was an OK day. Not too good & nothing negative to report.

Work went well. The kids were ok & we got a lot done.

Then I went to Mrs. Clark's to play with baby Xavier. Except he's 8 days old, so all he did was sleep. But, you know I just ate that up. Yummy new baby.

We talked & laughed and shared stories!

Then, I went to TAPS and got some G.S. stuff & 2 posters for my classroom.

Then I went back to school & read some of "Midnight Sun" the 'unreleased' Twilight sequel from Edward's point of view. Edward makes my heart flutter. I literally SWOON when I read about him/from him....in the Twilight books. There are SO many quotes from Edward that make my heart beat race! I LOVE Stephenie Meyer's writing. I think I'll get her other book, "The Host" and read it too.

Then it was time for Girl Scouts. We didn't do any badge work but we were busy! The girls made cards for a kindergartener who's 27 yo mom died this weekend. Then we discussed an upcoming badge day, we are going to work on the "Let's Get Cooking" and "Art to Wear" badges. Then we discussed our left over products that ignorant parents returned & refused to pay for. Then we talked about our Christmas party & Secret Santa. The girls don't totally get the whole Secret Santa thing, but their parents do & that's what matters. Our party is in 2 weeks. I cannot believe its almost Christmas!

Mel-when do you want to get together to celebrate/let the kids have their gifts? I'm doing Christmas with my sisters on Sunday Dec. 21 and then leaving town on Tuesday Dec. 23. We'll be back on Monday Dec. 29. Loren is house sitting/dog sitting/bird & fish sitting, while we're gone.

When I got home at 8:30, Tim and I ate some soup, I checked out my blogs & forums & then watched most of "Clear and Present Danger."

Now, it's bedtime.

Night Night


Smellyann said...

Whenever... we'll be here. Maybe we could make a night of it, have some pie(s), play games...?

Smellyann said...

Check out my blog, I gave you an award! :D