Monday, December 15, 2008

Twilight Moms & Busy Mom Blog Contest

Hey Folks,

You all know I'm obsessed with Twilight, RIGHT? Well, one of the many Twilight forums I frequent is TwilightMoms! It's great because as of yet, Norfolk hasn't banned their site & I can browse at work! It's GREAT!

TwilightMoms is a great resource for all news about Twilight. The forum is FULL of information all collected in one place. The moms there are so sweet and kind! I love to go and read all the great details about the books that I missed. There are so many interpretations of the books and it's awesome to see how others saw the same scenes.

They're giving away a super-dee-duper Twilight Moms t-shirt! I need clothes & I love this is the perfect giveaway for me!

Here, I'm going to C & P the post from the Busy Mom blog:

Who would have known that a teeny bopper vampire book would reach the mini-van
set? The book and now movie that spans the age gaps has inspired an in depth
website expressly for the Twerds who have the privilege of answering to the name
"Mom". TwilightMOMS is a website
dedicated to the Twilight books and Twilight movie(s) for mother's, from
the perspective of mothers. The information on the website portion of
TwilightMoms is always up to date with the latest book/movie scoop and they have
even scored some much coveted interviews with the cast members from the Twilight movie!The forum portion of the
site is truly a comprehensive Twilight world! The
site is so easy to navigate and no matter what you're looking for it's here.
There are in depth discussions of each book, individual chapters, and the series
as a whole. You can marinate over the symbolism kept up through out the series,
or play one of the many games and adopt your favorite character, scene, or
quote. The movie discussions are always a buzz, but the moderators are very
particular at keeping things clean and family friendly. This is one place where
you won't find the stars being bashed or their personal lives scrutinized. And
what a relief! If you want smut, read a tabloid, if you want good hearted
discussions with other moms who have fallen in love with Twilight, head over
to TwilightMOMS! It's the mature way
to be a Twi-Hard!TwilightMOMS has
been getting noticed on a rather grand scale of late! They were mentioned on the
red carpet at the movie premiere of Twilight by Jennie Garth, the wife of Peter Facinelli who plays Carlisle in
the movie. She was quoted as saying "There is a whole club called Twilight Moms.
I feel like a junkie that's about to get my fix of Edward and Bella right now." This quote was later
featured on the In
website. So, go ahead, it's COOL to be a TwilightMOM!The TwilightMOMS was world started a little
over a year ago by mom Lisa. She was desperatly hoping that she wasn't the ONLY TwilightMOM and so the journey began.
The site has grown fast and strong, and I attribute this to the professional
manner in which the site has been operated. Well, all the pretty pictures of
Robert Pattinson aren't so bad either. (Can I just say I swoon for his fwoopy
hair? *insert school girl giggle*) This Wondermom went from knowing Myspace and
Google at best, to now operating one of the TOP Twilight websites!With their
name in lights, their own list of Twilight gear, and even the cast of the Twilight movie sending them "Happy
Birthday" wishes, there is nowhere for this wonderful site to go but
GIVEAWAY! TwilightMOMS is sponsoring this giveaway. One dazzling Grab Bag
reader is going to recieve a TwilightMOMS tee shirt!! (logo says "The Hand That
Rocks the Cradle is the Hand That Rules the World"

I'd love to win this give-away. Thanks so much Busy Mom blog & Twilight Moms!

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