Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Songs that make me cry...

Well, Trisha over at Momdot just did this & I thought I'd go through & do mine.

First one that comes to mind is, The Greatest Man, I Never Knew, by Reba. It reminds me of my childhood with my dad. Things are better now, but it was not always easy with him, growing up.


Wow, this is from Trisha's list & its the only one on her list that made me cry.

Family Portrait by Pink


UGH, this one took some finding. Last Kiss by Pearl Jam. (I always, always, always cry when I hear this. Even now.)


This one's relatively new, but I still cry. I especially like this version.

Waiting on a Woman, by Brad Paisley


....There are probably more, but that's all I've got now. Maybe I'll do a second edition if I think of others...

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Stephanie said...

I'll Walk by Bucky Covington