Sunday, December 28, 2008

Guess what! Today my freaking insane monster period from hell DRIED UP! Completely dry since at least 1 o'clock! Can you believe that! Agony for 48 hours & now nothing! I took a darvacet this morning to get through church & by the time it was over, nothing. I did pray & get prayed over though, for healing & peace. Perhaps this is God's work. I surely hope so (and I believe he heals people in HIS time.)
The message at church today was to see the positive side of things & I really needed that. (Mind you, we were visiting my parents' crazy hippy church.) I had been really down in the dumps and depressed & seeing only the negative of the whole TTC journey.
I got to thinking. Dh and I have been married 2 years and 5 months. We've been together for 5 years in January. We're young and in love. Making a baby needs to be less of a CHORE and more FUN. Now don't get me wrong, we are enjoying ourselves....but the constant worry & nagging & obsessing has dragged (drug?) me down. I'm going to strive to look at TTC as a time for DH and I to build a closer relationship with each other & to truly enjoy the time we have ALONE w/o a baby, so that we will cherish our lives together after a baby even more.
Do you follow that?


JB said...

You are one wise lady! It took my hubs and me 3 years of marriage before we were blessed with our miracle baby. (I have PCOS as well, with complete ammenorrhea and clomid insensitivity, as well as low progesterone)

We spent over 2 of those three years trying to get pg, testing, bloodwork - you know the drill, and now that my son is the most amazing and wonderful thing in my life...I think back and mourn the loss of young love to TTC. I wouldnt change a darn thing, but I do wish there had been more focus on US instead of on IT.

Something that is easier said than done, but definately at least worth thinking about.

Look into the GI diet. It is for diabetics, but I followed it for 2 months, and not only did I lose 10lbs, but I got my BFP! I am sure it was combination of drugs, etc, as well...but I attribute my BFP to strictly following the GI diet.

Good luck! From someone who has been is well worth the wait, and it WILL happen. When it does, you'll look back and say "Wow...that couldnt have happened at a better time. I am glad that it happened that way." Even though it doesnt feel like that right now. ;)

Smellyann said...

That's actually a very good plan. As you know, Rob and I barely had any time together before Chloƫ came along, and we were so young and po' then that we couldn't really live it up. Not saying that you shouldn't continue to want your baby - you should! - but definitely DO enjoy the time that you have alone as a couple. When that baby comes, that's it for a very LONG time. Take the time NOW to be selfish and indulge yourselves in whatever you feel like doing. You can sleep all day! You can pick up and go on a whim! You can be 'naughty' whenever, wherever! ;) You can decorate your house however you'd like, eat whatever you want, come and go as you please. I'm so glad we had Chloƫ, but it would have been nice to have more couple-only time than we did. :)