Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm tired...

Today was a whirlwind day.

I managed to do much of nothing at school again. I was in a conference from about 9:20 until after 10 am. The kids worked on a test...then we went over what each kid was missing grades-wise. Then after that, they worked on their writing prompts until lunch. After lunch they did workstations and then we did some math. Then it was dismissal. Yay!!

After school, I went to Bank of America, found out they couldn't do anything for me and left. Then I went to Navy Federal and cashed a bunch of Girl Scout checks. I had JUST enough money to pay for the party tonight.

After Navy Fed. I went to Arby's and got some dinner before heading downtown. I ate in the care and then went to my math training. That was boring but good socializing too. I had to leave there at 5:30 & I definitely underestimated the traffic.

I spent 30 minutes in traffic trying to get to Janaf, but Virginia Beach Blvd. was closed & I had to go around. I was 20 minutes late to the Girl Scout party because I had to go get the chicken.

The party was fun. I'd left the camera at home so I don't have any pictures to share. (not to mention, I'd have to shade out all of their faces which is lame) The girls watched the first half of Polar Express, ate tons of food, and opened their Secret Santa presents.

Then I cleaned up, returned a parent phone call and came home. Now, I'm headed to bed, because I'm beat.

On the TTC front...I have been peeing like a CRAZY person! Also my legs are itchy. I'm not sure what's going on with the exzema. I've been a little teary eyed too. Yesterday I cried about a book about losing a pet...today it was "I'll Walk" by Bucky Covington. Ugh.


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