Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We're leaving "today!"

Ugh...today has been a SUPER busy day!

I got up around 9:30 ish. My temperature was still nice & toasty, so I took another preg. test. Glaring NOT PREGNANT. Boo! Then I putzed on the computer for a while. After that I got showered and dressed and planned my day.

I headed to Navy Fed first to deposit a check. I had to wait 40 minutes to be seen, so I could change my pin number. Yay for having one I can remember now! Then I went to Target to get Tim's Christmas shopping. I got him a pair of Levi's jeans, fleece pj bottoms and a jerzees top, a video game (that makes 3 for him!), a pack of pens for his stocking, and a Christmas movie 2 pack (It's A Wonderful Life & White Christmas). It's pretty lame, but it's what I came up with. I also picked up a couple things for my blog gift exchange partner, but I am not sure if she even wants to do it still, since I way missed the deadline. Then I headed to Greenbrier Mall to get my glasses adjusted. I also got some McDonald's for lunch. Then I went to the Dollar Store (all the way across town!) to get some pregnancy tests. Can you believe they only had 4!?! Then I went to A.J. Wright and got a few more gifts. Then I finally headed home. It was like 3:30 by then. Tim was leaving work then too!

When I got home I got to work on the housework. There was a ton of it! I have done laundry, cleaned the kitchen (several times), made Rice Krispie Treats, made No Bake cookies, cooked dinner, swept the kitchen, and put our initials on all of our movies.

Have I mentioned this yet? My MIL is a freaking movie Nazi. Every single time they misplace one of their movies, they instantly blame me or Chrissy for losing it. Mind you, I don't let Chrissy borrow their movies since the kids destroyed the HP last summer (2007) & Peggy knows this. They SWORE and BITCHED that I borrowed/lost/stole "Elf". I don't even like that damn movie. Why would I borrow it? Yea, 2 days after I had a big hissy fit & fussed at them, that I in fact do not have or know the whereabouts of your damned movie Beth found it...behind a couch or something of that nature. Beth has mentioned now 3 TIMES that she is going to borrow movies from us, while we're gone. Now, why does she need to borrow them while we're gone & not before/after we get back? Screw that shit...two can play this game. So now, every SINGLE one of our movies says T & S Goetsch on it. Also, I've read ALL the titles, so I'll notice if one is missing. (Can you FEEL the hostility?) This issue really makes me mad, seeings as what we're talking about are some freaking $5-25 dollar movies! As far as I know all of them are replaceable. (10th Kingdom another one they bitch about all the time is $7 on Amazon, I might just buy it!)

Anyway, I'm tired. I took a little 40 minute nap around midnight.

Here's my to do lists. I have to go to bed at 3:00 am...so I want to get as much of this first list done as possible, before then:

Wash Clothes (done)
Clean bird cages (done)
Clean the guest bathroom (done)
Vacuum (done)
Clean the office (done)
Print the directions (done)
Clean fish tank (done)

It's 3:32 am...I am done with all that I am going to get done tonight. My scrapbooking stuff is all organized & ready to pack. (I HOPE to have time to scrap while I'm gone!)

This is the stuff that will or has to wait until morning:
Wash sheets (done)
Change bed linens (done)
Bathe Wazowski & Blondie (not happening)
Pack (done)
Go to the bank (deposit 2 more checks) (on the way out of town)
Cut Tim's hair (on my way to do that now)
Clean our bedroom up (done)
Reload the notebook & put my chart software on it (done)
Tim get the oil changed in the truck (done)
Wrap gifts (going to do this in PA)
Leave by 12:30 (we'll see!)

Wish us luck & pray that I have a baby in my uterus causing all this freaking breast agony!

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Smellyann said...

Travely safely, my dears! Merry Christmas!!