Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve:
Tim and I slept in nice and late. My temperature dropped down to 98.3. Unfortunately with the changes I made to my O date the other day it now looks like AF is on her way. Some of my friends on my blog noticed that my temperatures were not really conclusive to the O date being when the software said it was, so I changed it & that makes me on 13 DPO today. Well, I should start spotting today or tomorrow & have AF for sure by Saturday.
Mom cooked breakfast and then we all get showered and dressed. Mom, Grams, and I went grocery shopping. It was a drag. We had to go all over freaking town to find "just the right" "just the right" UGH. It was a mad house everywhere we went, and most of the stores were out of whatever we needed. Fun times. It was well into the afternoon when we got back. I made soup for lunch and then it was time to wrap gifts. I had all of my gifts to Tim, gifts for Mom, gifts from Mom to Dad, and gifts from Dad to Mom. Ugh. I wrapped all the way until Aunt Nunny and Uncle Bill showed up. They brought $40 for Tim and I. That was nice and unexpected. We gave them an autographed copy of Glenn Beck's "The Christmas Sweater". Aunt Nunny has already read it...but her copy isn't autographed. She seemed pleased.
Then we had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner, again. Fried potatoes, sausage, homemade pizza, and salad. We all ate well. After dinner, I got the living room cleaned up and then went back to wrapping gifts. I had a migraine headache by that point, so I was pretty miserable. I finished wrapping gifts just before 1 am. We got them all set up under the tree and then I had to make Pizzelles. Ugh. Tim stayed up and helped me make them. (as much as one can help when you're making cookies 2 at a freaking time)

Then we quickly ran to bed before we could get forced to do anything else.

Christmas Part 5!
Well, let's see. Frankie left Skittles and Juelz in the cage together, so we all got woken up at 4 am. The two birds fight & rip each other to shred. Both birds lost a large number of feathers & Juelz was bleeding. Frankie ran down the hallway & that set Wazowski off, who then set off Tippy...Tim and I woke up, stumbled around to get dressed and then I went to find out what happened. Five minutes later we were back in bed.
This morning we managed to sleep until about 9:30 before being woken up. We got up, I brushed my hair and teeth and then it was present time. My temp. dropped another .3 of a degree, so I pretty much knew I was out. And, AF is on her way. I'm spotting now. I got roller blades, extra wheels, Mario Kart Wii and the steering wheel, "Miracle on 34th Street" (again), a NICE set of pots and pans, Wolfgang Puck knives, a mini food processor, pajama bottoms, 2 picture frames to scrap, "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium", and I think that's it. If I forgot something I'll come back and add it later.
Everyone else had nice Christmas' too...Frankie had the least # of presents, but he got a $1,000, you know, he expected it.
After gifts, I played with my roller blades some in the basement, played my Wii game, and basically didn't do much.
Mom had thawed out the turkey and the ham. She had asked Frankie to put the ham in the refrigerator downstairs about 2 days ago. Frank put the ham in the freezer. So, Dad had a conniption fit. Now, dinner is going to be postponed an hour and a half. I'm hiding and getting ready to take a shower. Tim just talked to his parents on the phone...everyone's happy down there.

More later...

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