Thursday, December 11, 2008

My presentation

Well, today was the fifth grade teams' turn to present for staff development. That basically means that Ms. W, Ms. R, Ms. C, and I all had to present an entire chapter of a book to the staff. Mind you, the staff DOES NOT want to be there. Most of the material that is in the book is stuff we already know. Most of it does not apply to assistants, resource teachers (gym, library, music, art), or anyone who is not an actual classroom teacher. BUT, we all have to go.

My team mates suck. Ms. W & Ms. R were responsible for making an "activity". They didn't even read the darn chapter. Ms. C was responsible for the bingo. She made the vocabulary words but didn't make the actual Bingo boards.

I was responsible for the presentation. UGH. It was a LOT of work. I've been working on it a little bit each day for about a month now. I had over 30 slides in my power point presentation and talked from 1:30-2:45. I reviewed the first 3 chapters of the book & then taught ours, with 4 interactive assignments for the staff to do.

Mrs. White (our principal) was talking to Ms. Cannon (our instructional specialist) while I was presenting, telling her that I was doing a GREAT job & that I really seemed to be in my element.

She said my "niche" is in teaching adults & that I should DEFINITELY try to get into that role. She was SUPER pleased with the presentation & said so several times. Another teacher, who I don't really know well, told me that I should apply to teach the GED program & that she thought I'd be good at that. I thought it went well up until the end when we had a tiny snafu with the bingo game. I had 13 words. I made a bingo card with 16 squares! Oopsies. I never said I was good at math. Oh well.

So, this thing about teaching teachers or adult education....

I think I could probably do that. I have NO idea where to start looking though. I don't even have a masters so I don't think I could teach at the college level...but there has got to be another way to get into it.

I'll be looking into that here pretty soon!

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Smellyann said...

You can teach at the community college w/o a grad degree.

That's awesome praise, good for you!

But WHAT is up with the MUSIC?! Two songs playing at the same time!!! LOL