Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm sick a-freakin-gain

So, yesterday at lunch time I started to feel like I was getting a headache. I managed to get through the school day. Then around 3:15 my vision started to get blurry & I was in a lot of pain. I hightailed it out of school. I got home around 4 & went straight to bed. I slept on and off (because the darn phone kept ringing) until Tim made me dinner and woke me up somewhere around 7:30. Then I went right back to sleep. (I ate 1/2 a slice of pizza.) I just got up this morning at 6:45 and my head still feels like shit.

According to my chart, I've had a migraine on CD 6 during Cycle 4 & Cycle 6 now. During Cycle 5 I had a migraine on CD 8. I didn't have any early cycle migraines before I started taking Clomid.

Could this be a sign that my body is working? Will I always get a migraine early in my cycle?

Who knows!

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