Monday, August 31, 2009

What to

To Do List & Schedule:

decide on a crib
Sign up for Childbirth classes
check Subfinder for jobs
Cobra paperwork (mail before 9/7)
DH-find a sound sub.
Tim's haircut
Girl Scout meeting @ 7:00
library-renew books, check out books
Frederick Blvd. Wal-Mart- buy yarn & a few groceries

9/1-9/2 before leaving for PA:
lunch w/ Moose & Clark @ 12 noon
MOPS meeting (9/1 @ 6:00)
start dishwasher
vacuum our room
finish washing laundry
pack clothes(yarn, fabric, dog stuff, dog soap, halti, car charger)
put away laundry
clean office
vacuum office
air out truck & clean inside
load truck
Bank (deposit), get gas & ice
finish cutting grass

Sept. 2-7 Pennsylvania (sew, craft, Baby Shower, relax!!)
bathe dogs
Sept. 7-7:00 PM Prepared Childbirth Class

Sept. 8-11 (Getting ready for Chrissy to move in)
Sept. 8- 2:45 Dr. Appt. w/ Dr. Morgan, Birthday Cake w/ Melanie & Chloe?
Sept. 9-Girl Scout Meeting @ 6:00, Bunco @ 7:00
put away big kid toys
reorganize "guest room"/ "nursery"
clean carpet in nursery
scrub our bathroom (sink, toilet, tub, mop floor)

Sept. 11-13 Possibly Girl Scout Camping

Before Luke is born: (mid October)
Sept. 14-7:00 PM Prepared Childbirth Class
Sept. 15-Happy Birthday Mom!, Girl Scout Meeting @ 6:00
Sept. 17-La Leche League 6:30 in Hampton
Sept. 19- Breastfeeding Class
Sept. 20-Baby Shower (3:00)
Sept. 21-7:00 PM Prepared Childbirth Class
Sept. 28-7:00 PM Prepared Childbirth Class
Oct. 5-Sentara Leigh Hospital Tour 6:00
Oct. 15-La Leche League 6:30 in Hampton
Oct. 17-Knitting for Newborns 9-12noon
scrub walls in hallway (and rest of house too)
clean carpet in living room & our room
wash car seat cover
reclean the garage
paint Luke's wall letters
assemble cradle

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janelle said...

Yay for La Leche Leauge!! I just went to a meeting today. It does so much to increase my confidence in breastfeeding. I've never done it before so I'm scared and sometimes easily discouraged by the naysayers. Our due dates aren't far off- I'm due on the 12th of November. Is this your first baby?

Also I'm curious about your knitting for newborns class. Where are you taking it? Are you making wool soakers? (I noticed you're into cloth diapering.) Good luck with everything!