Monday, August 10, 2009

Momdot Blog Bingo-E18

Momdot is hosting a Blog Bingo this week as part of the PR blackout/"Content Week".

I missed out on the first couple balls that were drawn because I was out & about, but I'm going to try to play along for the rest of the week because I really need new blog material!

So, E18 is the ball that is up right now & it's task is to have your DH write a blog post on your blog. That's my intro! Now I have to convince Tim to come talk to you ladies!
This is Tim. This CRAZY wife of mine has decided that she wants to try to win this prize so she's forcing me to write things on whatever page this is she's asked me to write on....I hope length doesn't count because this is all I'm going to put.

1 comment:

Smellyann said...

LMAO. That's hilarious. OH, Tim.