Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What We've Been Up To

Sunday Aug. 16 Continued:

Chrissy showed up with Ashley pretty early. Brianna and Ashley tried on the rest of the freecycle clothes. I sent Chrissy home with a bunch of stuff for all three of the girls.
Then, Ashley and I got busy cleaning the house and getting the dishes done and stuff. When Tim got home he ran the vacuum for me. We ate a LATE dinner of Lipton noodle soup and then went to bed.

Monday Aug. 17:

The day-care kids didn't show up. So, I went back to sleep and slept until 10:30. I felt pretty groggy when I got up so it was after noon before Ashley and I headed out to the post office. We got my swap gift in the mail and then headed home. We didn't do anything special except make tacos for dinner.

Tuesday Aug. 18:

The day-care kids showed up around 7:30 and watched a movie. Ashley slept until about 8 am. The kids watched the rest of that movie & then played in the playroom. They were bad. Ashley and the DC girl are MEAN to the DC boy. I had to put all three of them in time outs at different times! Ashley was REALLY driving me bonkers. I ended up calling Chrissy at the end of the day to fuss at Ashley.

Tim and I prepared shish-ka-bobs for dinner. I was having a couple of really good days food wise & managed to eat a TON of food last night. (with no Zofran on Monday or Tuesday!!)

After dinner, I took a bath because my belly is stretching & really sore lately and Tim and Ashley read to themselves in the office.

Then it was bed time!

Wednesday Aug. 19:

Today was a much better day. Ashley was nicer to the DC kids and didn't have to go to time-out at all! DC girl got put in time out a couple times. The DC kids got picked up at 2:30 and I took a nap from 2:45-4:45. Ashley did good entertaining herself & being quiet.

I had made soup earlier in the day for tonight's dinner, so when I got up I reheated that & started the noodles. As soon as Tim got home, we sat down to dinner.

Since he's been gone to church (for sound practice), Ashley watched the Pixar Shorts & I have written most of my birth plan. Now, she's reading me Little House on the Prairie.

I can't believe there's still more than an hour before I can put her to bed! Argh.

I had to take my zofran today.

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