Friday, August 28, 2009

Diaper Stash List

MY Total Cost: $403.99
Includes: my mama cloth collection, Tim's nose wipee's, and my cloth wipes & all the diapers!

This is the stash list for Luke.  The girly diapers are tucked away.

Preemie Prefolds:
1 DSQ (tie-dye orange)
24 GMD from Auntie Mandy
12 GMD from Karen @ GMD

Infant Prefolds:
3 Orange Edge GMD (dyed purple)
2 Handmades (dogs, blue swirl)
24 Orange Edge GMD prefolds from Auntie Mandy
24 Yellow Edge GMD prefolds from Auntie Mandy
18 Periwinkle Edged GMDs (dyed pretty colors!)

Small Prefolds:
1 Handmade (Mickey Mouse)
3 Green Edged GMDs (yellow cowboy, yellow Mickey, and blue circles)
2 Panda Tushies Bamboo Prefolds

Medium Prefolds:
3 DSQ: Flags, Taz, Blue Dogs,
1 Made-by-Me Velour (Yellow)

Large Prefolds:
Cottonspuds Boutique OBV (owls)
4 DSQ: 2 Mickey, Peanuts, Stars

NB Covers:
NB Prowrap
Generic Pull On
XS Light Blue Thirsties
XS Blue Thirsties
1 Homemade fleece cover
1 Swim diaper

Small Covers:
Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

Medium Covers:
1 Bummis (White)
3 Prowraps (White)
2 Thirsties (Green, blue)
1 Fleece Soaker

Fleece Pants:
6 Old Navy (2 each of 0-3 mos, 3-6 mos, 6-12 mos)
2 Carter's (3 mos, 6 mos)
2 Wal-Mart (preemie)
1 Generic (3-6 mos)

2 NB Knicker Nappy (bunny, teddy bears)
WAHM Yellow
1 XS Very Baby Hybrid

Small AIOs:
S Rumpster
2 S Little Bee Creations
3 Bumkins
1 Drybee

Medium AIOs:
Knicker Nappy (Green)
Butterfly Fleece
Drybee (yellow)
1 Bumkin

NB Fitteds:
6 Nanipoo (Panda, Green, Shark, Giggling Animals, Save the Trees, Later Gator)
2 Mutt (Ooga Booga, Blue Doggies)

Small Fitteds:
3 Soggy Bottom Baby (turquoise, purplish/blue tie dye, creme)

Medium Fitteds:
3 Soggy Bottom Baby (peach, red/orange, pink)

One Size Diapers:
Mommy's Touch OS (in hot pink) AIO
Mommy's Touch OS (in pink) Pocket
BumGenius 3.0 (green) Pocket

A bunch of random microfiber doublers

Green Preemie longies
Gold Newborn longies
Stripes Recycled Med. Shorties
Aristocrats Wool Soaker
100 Purewool Cirilo longies to be knit by Melanie


blueviolet said...

Look at all your sidebar baby stuff! You're not excited at all, are you?

Andrea said...

Wow, that is quite the stash!!