Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday & Tuesday

Monday Aug. 3

My daycare kids didn't come on Monday. Their dad came by to drop off the payment though, which was nice. (I wouldn't have minded if he'd waited until today.)

Carolynn & Ashley slept until after 9:30, which was AWESOME! We didn't leave the house at all during the day, mostly the girls just played, slept, or watched movies. I got housework done & bummed around.

Melanie came over w/ her kids around 2 and we all hung out then. Nothing amazing happened worth noting, it was just nice to visit & give the kids some "other kids" to play with!

Around 4:30 Melanie & her crew headed home & we started getting ready for Tim to get home from work.

When he got here, he offered to watch the girls while I ran to the grocery store. Ahh...a moment to relax!

I took Carolynn w/ me, because she was in cloth diapers all day & Tim wasn't quite up to that challenge just yet. (He'll be fine w/ Luke..when the diapers are oranized & he uses them full-time.)

We picked up socks & undies for Ashley & a couple grocery items.

When I got home, we fixed cheese dip, left-over chicken wings, and left-over salad for dinner. Everyone ate pretty well. After Tim & I did laundry, we sat the girls on the couch & read "Little House on the Prairie" for about an hour.

I put Carolynn to bed & then Ashley helped us write a story map of the book. It was nice. Tim gave a chuckle at me in "teacher mode" and wondered out loud why I don't like teaching. (I reminded him it's teaching in PUBLIC school that I don't like.)

After that, we put Ashley in bed, I checked my e-mail & stuff & we put on an Odyssey for her.

Then Tim & I went to bed!

Tuesday Aug. 4

I was up quite a few times overnight, because Carolynn kept whimpering in her sleep. Anyway, i got up early, expecting the day care kids and I couldn't get on my computer, because Ashley was sleeping in the office! I got the dishes washed, made Rice Krispy Treats, and touched up the housework. The DC kids watched a movie until Ashley woke up.

I gave the 3 big kids breakfast together & then Carolynn breakfast as soon as they were done.

When all 4 kids were up, dressed, bathed, and fed, we headed out. It was about 10:15.

We went to the drive-by bank & deposited my day care money. Then we drove to Great Neck in Virginia Beach and dropped Carolynn off w/ Genia and Pat. She was pretty happy to see her dad.

Genia gave me some tomatoes, some homemade cremed corn, and some kind of beans that Ashley and Tim ought to eat.

After we left there we headed to the Cinema Cafe in Virginia Beach. Melanie was right behind us and we all got settled in. We shared the "pizza combo" so all of the kids got pizza & popcorn. (It was nice not having to worry about lunch!)

The movie was exactly what I expected it to be...an environmentalist "you better watch what you're doing" type w/o being overly preachy. I thought it was well done. The kids were kids & oohed & ahhed over the pictures, whined and complained over the animal deaths (a fact of life) and seemed to enjoy it overall. It was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING in the theater & I was not enjoying feeling like a popsicle!

After the movie, we headed out & home.

Since we've been home (almost 2 hours) I've been on the computer (and snacking) and the kids have been playing nicely in the playroom.

So far, having Ashley has added a nice mix to the DC kids, because she adds some fresh ideas to their play!

Ashley is about 6 months older than the DC girl.

Tonight there aren't any plans, though we will have to go out to get water, milk, oats, and an air filter, (unless Tim wants me to do it tomorrow after the movie.)

Tomorrow we're going to see Charlotte's Web for free at Regal 13. I'm going to have Grayson & Spencer in the afternoon, probably around 1:15, so we won't be doing anything special for our actual anniversary. (We're planning on celebrating on Saturday.)

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