Thursday, August 13, 2009

Momdot Blog Bingo-B 5

B 5 Task, "Tell us about your dream home. Feel free to share all the amenities you would choose & even pictures of some examples of what you love."

Ohh, oh, I don't think I posted this, but Tim and I just played this game last week on our anniversary. We were talking about what we'd look for in a house if budget was not such a worry.

(As in, if Tim took a job in Kuwait, and we spent the next 2 years living there while he worked, making $200,000 a year, the first $80,000 of which is tax free, and we came home in 2 years, w/ a MEGALOAD of cash saved up, what house would we want?)

So, our dream home, would have a LONG list of amenities, as well as many bedrooms. Here's our list in no particular order.

2 or more car garage
fenced back yard
a nice sized deck
an in the ground pool
preferably on a culdesac or a corner lot w/little traffic

large kitchen, with lots of cabinets
large dining room (big enough for table for 8+)
large living room
utility room w/ washer & dryer w/ space for drying rack

2+ bathrooms
master bath w/double headed shower

master bedroom
2 "kid" bedrooms
guest bedroom
office/ library (preferably w/ built into wall or full wall of bookshelves)
arts & crafts room/classroom
playroom (could be a basement)

There would also need to be a convenient location w/in the house for the dog cages.

We'd also like it to be a single story or if it HAS to be 2 stories, then at least the guest bedroom & a full bath need to be on the first floor. It needs to not have stairs to gain access to the first level.

We'd like a fireplace or two as well as a bay window. All stainless steel appliances would be awesome! We love hard wood floors and real tiles and would prefer to stay away from a fully carpeted home.

The last thing we'd take into consideration would be homeschooling opportunities and recycling amenities.

I think that's everything we came up with. Obviously some of these things we could add after purchasing and some are completely optional & wouldn't stop us from buying a house that was almost perfect.

So, let me know if you find anything like that on the market, in, Uniontown, PA, Leadville, CO, or Hampton Roads, VA. (or the surrounding areas)

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