Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sunday Update & Pregnancy News

Holy Wow...I haven't updated in a while! Hee hee..I guess I ought to get to work on my Sunday Update post!

So, this week, was pretty eventful. I don't think I even posted about my doctor's appointment, did I? My bad.

Sunday Aug. 9

We ended up doing a big-fat-nothing. We took a nap together and I babysat. Tim did the grocery shopping while I was babysitting. When I got home, we went to bed.

Monday Aug. 10

The day-care kids didn't come, so Ashley and I hung out around the house all day. I did a little housework but wasn't feeling great all morning, so we had a slow day. After lunch time I finally decided I was up for company/doing something, so Melanie headed over w/ her crew.

We made popcorn on the stove and the kids watched "Night at the Museum". Then Melanie taught me how to "chain" and "single crochet". Around 3:00 we left together, for Cinema Cafe. We were going to see "Night at the Museum 2". It was pretty good and I enjoyed it.

Afterwards, Tim met Ashley and I there and we went next door to our eye exams a full hour early. We got those done while Ashley waited in the lobby. Tim's left eye is a little worse but his right eye is the same. Both of mine were the same, still 20/20 on the right & just barely blind on the left. My glasses are fine.

When we got home, Tim went on the computer to look at eye glasses. I forget what was for dinner. Tim ordered two pairs of glasses from for a total of $45. (including shipping)

Tuesday Aug. 11

Tuesday was my early doctor's appointment. I had to fast from 8:30 am until after the appointment, so I ate breakfast bright & early. Then at 9:30 I popped the top on my glucola and started loading the kids into the truck.

We headed to the appointment, but got caught at a bridge lift at the downtown tunnel. Melanie got to the doctor's office before me!

When we got there, I quickly dropped the kids off to Melanie in the lobby, along w/ a bag of toys/coloring books, and rushed in, late, to my appointment.

I was handed a timer for the rest of the time before my blood could be drawn and got through my work-up and into the room. I gained 1 lb and as of then I weighed 194.5 lbs. Yay! (or so I thought)

Dr. Morgan came in, did my belly measurements, 28 cm, perfect, and listened to Luke's heartbeat, 153 beats. Then we went to his office to chat. I told him about the morning sickness, he said that can happen & to keep eating, keep taking Zofran, and keep trying to gain weight. He reiterated his directions to eat ice cream 3x a day. I told him about the BH contractions, and how I have them pretty much any time I do anything physical, and he was concerned. His first question was for me to describe them, which I did...then he wanted to know how long they lasted...well I'd never timed them, so I didn't know.

He said, basically, that I need to stop doing anything that causes them that isn't absolutely needed & that I need to start timing them & recording the information. So, as of that doctor's appointment, I can't do anything like loading the bottom of the dishwasher, vacuuming, folding laundry, getting in and out of the truck, walking, swimming, anything that makes me contract. Fun.

I asked him when we'd have time to talk about the birth & how things will work & he suggested running my questions by the midwife in the practice first. Her name's Gretchen & I'll see her a week from Tuesday. I'm going to have my birth plan & a list of questions ready for her.

He also wanted to do another fetal fibernectin but I told him I'd just had one, not even 2 full weeks prior & he said we'd do it at my next appointment. He also said I'd get another ultrasound, probably at 34 weeks and that I'll probably have the fFn at each 2 week appointment too.

After the appointments were scheduled (30 & 32 weeks), I left. Melanie was JUST about to lose her hair watching all 6 kids and it was good timing!

We left there and headed to McDonald's. We let the kids play for about 30 minutes (after they ate of course) and then headed to Cinema Cafe in Virginia Beach. That place was PACKED.

We went to see "Imagine That" which none of us had ever heard of. It started out SLOW and none of the kids would sit still but got better. The girls & Billy did pretty well, Jack and Sophia were really too young for that movie, so they played w/ Melanie's iPhone a lot.

After the movie, we parted ways, and the DC kids, Ashley, and I ran into Food Lion to get some groceries before heading home.

Back at home, the kids were sent to play together and I rested.

After the day-care kids got picked up, we gobbled up some dinner, and then headed out to church. There was a meeting about changes in store for the Saturday night service that I wanted to go to. We didn't leave there until after 8:30.

When we got home, it was bed time.

Wednesday Aug. 12

Hmm...nothing amazing is sticking out at me from Wednesday. I'm pretty sure we had plans to go to the library, but didn't. Tim stayed home from work to go to the interview at CBN. Basically, the gist of it is, that they want him, BUT, they can't afford him. Boo. We're waiting to hear if they get the money & if so, for them to make him an offer we can refuse & EDS can't beat.
Depending on the offer from CBN (if we get one) we are planning on countering it to EDS. If they can beat it, in order to keep Tim, we'll have to seriously consider the pros & cons of staying with them. Tim doesn't really hate his job & his benefits are awesome. There's also room for growth & pay raises (even if they are jacked up & only available every 18 months) at EDS & CBN pretty much flat out told him there's no where to go from where they'd be hiring him.
I'm pretty sure the kids & I just bummed around the house all day, until Tim and I got started getting the place cleaned up for Bunco, that is.
Ashley even helped with the Bunco cleaning.
After the daycare kids left, I made homemade pizza for our dinner and we all ate. Then it was time for Bunco folks to show up & that they did!
Bunco was awesome, I was on fire! I played REALLY well! I managed to win the top prize & got a second prize b/c my name was called out of the pot. Yay! I'm pretty sure everyone had fun, which is great! (Esp. since the last time I hosted, SUCKED butt, b/c I was sick big time with a migraine!)
After Bunco, Tim was helping Melanie load her car up w/ the tables & chairs and happened to witness 2 pitt bulls attacking our neighbor's cat. He rushed over to help, scooped up the dogs, and stowed them in our back yard. Turns out the neighbors' kitty probably won't make it & Animal Control came and took the dogs away. It was a mama and her baby girl puppy.
After all that excitement, we headed to bed.

Thursday Aug. 13
Thursday was another lazy-ish day. We didn't do anything until after 11. The doctor called & said I need to start taking Iron 325 mg a day, because I'm anemic. So, we headed out to the library, to pick up some stuff from freecycle, and to the pharmacy to buy the iron. It was a short trip and we had lunch when we got home. After that, we didn't do anything special.
When the daycare kids left, we ate dinner, and then all gathered in our bed at 8:00 to read. Ashley read to me for an hour, Tim read Harry Potter. By 9:00 we were all in bed and going to sleep. (I had a migraine & ended up napping on the couch & in the bathtub.)
Friday Aug. 14

Friday morning I watched "The Pacifier" with the day-care kids & Ashley slept in until 9 am.
After they were up, dressed, and fed, we got started running our errands. We had a long list of places to go including: a freecycle pick up, PetSmart, Target, Babie's R Us, the bank, Post Net, the water store, and the library.
It was lunch time by the time we finished, so we ran to McDonald's for some french fries and then home for some PB & Nutella sandwiches.
After the kids ate, I sent them to the playroom and putzed around the house. It was a nasty and rainy day and there wasn't much to do.
Chrissy showed up around 3:30 to get Ashley. She left Brianna and Carolynn here while she ran to the library with Ashley, so she could get her free book from the summer reading program.
When they got back, she loaded everyone up and they headed out.
The day-care kids' mom had called around 4:30 to say that she was on her way, so I just had them play in the playroom, expecting her to get there sometime soon.
At 5:45, she called to say that she was on Battlefield & had to detour to Cedar Road because of the roads.
That was all well & good...I certainly figured she'd be here by 7:00.
Well, 7:30 rolls around, I can't get ahold of the mom, so I finally called their dad. They were being bad, whining and complaining & Tim and I were hungry!
So, he said he'd be over in about 25 minutes.
At 7:55, their mom showed up & about 1 minute later, their dad showed up. Fun stuff.
I apologized to their dad for making him come out, but since I couldn't get a hold of their mom, I didn't have any choice.
Finally, at 8:00 Tim and I came in and found something to eat. My pill had long since worn off, so I just had scrambled eggs. Then we went to bed.
Saturday Aug. 15
Yesterday was a big-fat-lazy-day for us! I slept until 9:30, got up, spent an hour or two putzing on my computer while Tim finished up money and then around 11 we went back to bed together!
Around 12:30, I showered and got dressed and Tim took a nap. I spent a couple hours working on blog stuff and catching up w/ Reader and forums.
When Tim got up, we had tuna casserole for "lunch" (aroud 4:30), cleaned the kitchen and made our menu/grocery list.
After we ate, we headed to Wal-Mart. We ended up spending about $90 for the week, but we got yarn, $16 in light bulbs, dog treats $6, and a coloring book for the girls $3 that weren't part of the grocery budget. So, we're averaging about $60 a week in groceries, right now. And we're plowing our way through the food in the pantry. Pretty soon we'll be out of stock! (Which is the goal...we had some stuff that had been in there so long --it was 2 years expired!) We want to get down to a bare bones pantry w/ ONLY food we'll actually eat in it!
After we got home, we fixed salad and watched "Slumdog Millionare". It was really good. I finished crocheting the "pot holder" I made with Melanie's yarn and started the baby blanket I found a pattern for online.
After the movie, we went to bed.
Sunday Aug. 16
Today, we got up early for the 8:30 church service. After church, we headed to I-Hop for breakfast.
Then we went to Home Depot really quick before going to Melanie's to get Lily. (We're dog sitting.)
When we got home, I took a LONG nap and Tim read on the couch. We skipped lunch since we had a huge "second" breakfast.
Tim woke me up around 3:45 to let me know his parents needed his help w/ some car trouble and did I want to go over there with him...nah, I'll pass. I haven't been home alone in a while & I could use the 'me' time! Hee hee!
So, I got up around 4:00 and have done pretty much nothing but blog, play online, and tend to laundry. (Oh and eat 4 clementines & some M&Ms!)
I have no idea when Tim will be back. Chrissy's bringing Ashley by sometime this evening. The house needs vacuumed & swept...the dishes need done...but I don't wanna!

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