Friday, August 7, 2009

Thursday Evening

Last night was an OK night, after I calmed down about the whole stupid soap thing.

Tim spent over an hour taking aptitude tests for his upcoming job interview, so I spent the time playing online & talked to my Mom & Dad for almost an hour. Ashley entertained herself either watching a movie in the office with DH or playing quietly in the playroom.

Tim also told me about another phone call he got for a job. This one is for a "head hunter" as Mom put it. They offered to hire him on as a temp for 6 months (no benefits, but w/ increased pay as compensation) and then after 6 months, hire him at a NICE salary. Except, we can't really afford for Tim not to have vacation time at this point in our lives. I'm going to need/want him home w/ me whenever I have the baby.

When he was FINALLY done we reheated yesterday's spaghetti for dinner. (I'm loving spaghetti lately, but couldn't eat it the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy!) During dinner, Ashley was slurping her food.

Side story here: I cannot STAND to hear people eat. It's not just a pregnant thing. I don't want to hear slurping, chewing, smacking lips, anything, I cannot tolerate it. It's ok, for like a 1 or young 2 yo to do it, but by 2 1/2 they should have table manners. It like SERIOUSLY grosses me out & I will puke. Tim has always known this about me & there are somethings that I just can't be in the room w/ him when he eats them. (We never eat soup together, b/c even I sometimes have to slurp that & I can't stand to hear even myself doing it!!!)

So, it was slowly but surely grating on my nerves. She only did it about 4 times b/c we were trying to show/tell her how to eat it carefully. (She was seriously getting 2x the amount of food that should have fit into her mouth on her fork!) But anyway, my pregnant hormones were shot by that point.

I asked Tim if he would mind reading w/ her last night & let me go take a bath & he agreed. Thank God for my awesome husband!

So, we all cleaned up the kitchen and then I took "Your Amazing Newborn" w/ me & got into a nice steaming hot 1/2 bath. (Only up to my hips, Luke doesn't like the heat!)


Something funny happened while I was in there too! When I first got in, I was just sitting indian style, reading the book on the edge of the tub, after a while I laid down in the water, keeping my belly out of the water. When I laid down, Luke started kicking, but he was SO HIGH up in my belly! I didn't think my uterus came up that high yet! But, I could SEE his kicks, so I know he was RIGHT THERE! It was crazy--he def. didn't like the hot water!

Anyway, after Ashley read 1 chapter of Little House on the Prairie to DH, they wrote their summary & then we all headed to bed.

Oh, I did talk to Chrissy too, she's picking Ashley up tonight after work & bringing her back on Sunday evening. She's going to go ahead and spend the rest of the summer here. She offered to give me $50 a week, but I know she can't afford it, so I'm only going to charge her $20 a week. (to cover the cost of movies, swimming, bowling, etc. that I do w/ them)

Then we went to bed. Neither one of us even read, we just talked to each other and fell asleep, it was GREAT. I love my hubby!

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