Monday, August 3, 2009

Possible Coming Home Outfit Drama

Yesterday, Peggy brought this outfit over for Tim & I to have/look at. Apparantly it is what Tim came home from the hospital in. His Aunt made it (it's knit, I think.)

It has a green collar, green & white striped top, then green, blue and white striped bottom, and green trim on the wrists & waist. There is a green soaker as well.

Tim was born in July. So a soaker was OK for him. Luke is due in November. I want pants on my baby. I also wanted him to come home in BLUE, not "pansy green" as Tim so eloquently put it.

Here's the soaker. The knitting is a little uneven around the edges, but its a flaw I can overlook. The drawstring would need replaced & I don't like that there's 27 year old elastic in it.
This is the soaker from the back. You can see the uneven stitches on the edges.

Here's just the sweater. The only things about this I can't really stand is the elastic & the velcro dots. What can we do about the velcro dots? There aren't any button holes.

This is a close up of the colors on the bottom 1/2 of the sweater.
I could try to find blue to match & get pants made out of solid blue & maybe a hat/blanket/booties too. OR, I could see if I can get a diaperswappers mama to custom dye a colorway to match this. (We could use the white or blue booties my mom has made.)
This is the neck band of the sweater, that 27 yo elastic makes an appearance here too.

And finally one more of the whole outfit.

So, WWYD? What should I do? Tim says it's REALLY up to me & that he told his mom to STILL make the blue outfit I picked out. (If she won't, well then Mom, that's one more thing you need to make!)


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Smellyann said...

I told you, man, burn that thing! Hehehe...

Chic Mama said...

It's your baby! Dress him the way you want! We took photos of my son in my husband's baby clothes, but never intended for him to actually wear them, especially for his first outfit! That is just my opinion though!