Sunday, August 16, 2009


Lots of people want to own a business….what kind of business would you own if you could have any business in the world. And if you own one already, tell us about it!

If I could own any kind of business in the world it would be a day-care center. I'd love to run a combination drop off center/preschool/tutoring center. I think it would be an excellent way to use my education and spend just the RIGHT amount of time working with kids.

In my dream world, the center would be set up to offer amenities for newborns through elementary school aged kids.

For newborns & babies, we'd have a simple day-care set up, complete with scheduled hours & activities as well as drop-off availability for parents who want to go on a date or grocery shopping without a little one in tow!

For toddlers and preschoolers, we' d have two options, parents could choose "basic" day-care, which would only include play times and snack times, but no "school" time, parents could also choose a toddler/preschool package that includes school times as well as the regular day-care options. These would work as "add-ons" to the basic package. If you want me to teach them ABCs, colors, potty training, or additonal things, they would get classes for them.

For school aged kids, we'd have before and after school care, as well as tutoring available. Tutoring and homework help would be two different things though, tutoring would be small groups of 3 or less children getting actual structured lessons from licensed teachers on different topics/subject areas, where as all after school students would get homework help.

The center would have a playground indoors and out so that the kids can get physical activity even on bad weather days as well as a big comfy "lounge" room where movies can be shown and quiet times can be had. We'd also have to have a full service kitchen and a cook to prepare meals as needed for the children. Parents could order their meals a la carte or create an account for their (older) children to choose their meals themselves.

The center would be brightly lit and well decorated & I'd have a BLAST painting murals in all of the rooms!

Best of all, we'd be open to all parenting styles & encourage cloth diapers (maybe even offer a discount!) and breastfeeding!

So, in my DREAM world, where I have lots and LOTS of money, this would be my dream job. Of course, my kids would be there with me all day. So, I guess we'd also have to offer homeschooling options too....perhaps I could take on one extra child at each age/grade level as my own kids & homeschool them too, so that would be my "roll" in the center, as well as owner.

Can you see I'm thinking while typing? That's the best kind right?

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