Friday, August 28, 2009

Diaper Stash with Pictures

As of today, August 8, 2009, this is my cloth diaper stash for Luke. There are a handful of girly prefolds that have been stashed away, because I have lots of prefolds & don't need to use girly ones on my little man. Otherwise, this is it!
The Whole SheBang
Random Microfiber Doublers
My Woolies
(Green Preemie, Gold Newborn, Stripes Med. Shorties)
These aren't mine....I have yarn in this colorway (it's Purewool) that Melanie is going to knit into longies for Luke!)
Preemie Prefolds

24 GMD prefolds from Auntie Mandy (not pictured)

Infant Prefolds
3 Orange Edge GMD
2 Handmades
24 Orange Edge GMD prefolds from Auntie Mandy (not pictured)
24 Yellow Edge GMD prefolds from Auntie Mandy (not pictured)
18 Periwinkle Edge GMDs

Small Prefolds
1 Handmade
3 Green Edge GMDs
2 Small Panda Tushies (Bamboo)

Medium Prefolds
1 Handmade Velour

Large Prefolds
1 Cottonspuds Boutique (bamboo)

Preemie/NB Covers
NB Prowrap
Generic Pull On
2 XS Thirsties
1 Homemade fleece cover
1 Swim diaper
Small Covers

Medium Covers
3 Prowraps
2 Thirsties
1 Fleece Cover
2 NB Knickernappies
WAHM (yellow)
1 XS Very Baby AIO
Small AIOs
1 Rumpster
2 Little Bee Creations
Medium AIOs
Butterfly Fleece
NB Fitteds
6 Nanipoos
2 Muttiquin Baby Diapers
Small Fitteds
3 Soggy Bottom Baby Diapers
Medium Fitteds
3 Soggy Bottom Baby Diapers
One Size Diapers
Mommy's Touch OS (in hot pink) AIO
Mommy's Touch OS (in pink) Pocket
BumGenius 3.0 (green) Pocket


Emily said...

LOVE the natural way of doing cloth diapers! It's so much better than the disposables! Check Etsy for loads of options! -e

HappilyDomestic said...

You have quite the impressive stash!
I bet your excited for your new baby boy. :-) Not much longer...for both of us.

By the way~ did you see I have 2 new giveaways up? I will have a giveaway for soap nuts, a diaper sprayer, and a planet wise pail liner here soon! Be sure to get in on them. :-)