Thursday, August 13, 2009

Momdot Blog Bingo-L 20

L 20- Task "Everyone has a "twin" out there, we want to know who your twin is. Do people say you look like a celebrity? Fictional character? Your father? Do a post and side by side comparison of you and your twin."

Well, I can answer this one in a couple ways.

First, people always say I look like "Jennifer". Who the heck this so-called-look-alike Jennifer is, I dunno.

Maybe they're talking about Dr. Jennifer Hendriks?

Or maybe Jennifer Carpenter, because I would totally take that as a compliment!

In real life, I resemble both of my parents, but my "twin" would have to be my little sister, Amanda. If I lost 50 or so pounds and got my hair styled, we could still pass as twins!

When we were small children, you couldn't tell us apart. Mandy was a tiny bit taller than me & my mom enjoyed dressing us alike.
So, people always tell me I look like "a Jennifer"...but really I like like Amanda!

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