Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Drama

Chrissy called Sunday evening & asked if our offer to have Ashley stay w/ us during the week was still available.

I told her that yes, it was fine and we made plans for her to bring Ashley by later that evening.

Well, then a couple hours later, she called to say, that she was on her way, could I please print directions to Pennsylvania, and could I keep Carolynn until she got home.

She was planning to drive from Chesapeake to Lemont Furnace, PA (a 7-8 hour trip) starting at 7:30 pm. She'd arrive around 3:30 & was planning on IMMEDIATELY driving back after dropping Tony off with mom and dad. I tried to talk her out of it, but she got all teary eyed and started crying.

Apparantly John had dropped the kids off at home (alone) while she was at an AA meeting & the kids were complaining about her new living situation & the fact that she doesn't have AC.

So, Tony supposedly threw a fit & she made arrangements to take him to Mom & Dad's.

Anyway, obviously this is the short & sweet version of things & I was A LOT more stressed about it on Sunday.

Dad talked her out of her crazy mad-through-the-night driving thing, so she actually got a decent morning's sleep before heading home around 2:00 yesterday.

She was late getting into town (supposedly) and so Carolynn spent another night here.

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