Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Update

Friday July 31

Friday was a pretty good day overall. I had the daycare kids all day from about 7:15 until 5:15. Tim stayed home from work to help me out. He was technically working from home, but if I needed a hand he was there to offer it.

Grayson & Spencer got here around 11:30 and then things got a bit busy! I had to feed all 4 kids + Tim lunch and then Tim had a call, so the kids had to stay quiet for a long time.

When Tim finished w/ his call, we took the kids to the park. Tim, the daycare kids, and Grayson all walked. Spencer and I took the car.

After the daycare kids went home, I put Spencer down for a nap w/ me & Tim sat on the couch w/ Grayson until he fell asleep.

I slept from about 5:45 until 9:10! When I got up, we woke up Grayson, moved Spencer to the pack n play & cooked tuna casserole for dinner.

After Grayson ate, we let him watch about 1/2 of the Pixar Shorts. Then we sent him to bed & we went to bed ourselves.

Saturday Aug. 1

Saturday morning Chrissy showed up around 9ish w/ Carolynn. We spent the day just doing stuff around the house. Then around 2:00 we headed to Virginia Beach for sound practice.

We ended up dropping Caro off w/ Chrissy, then dropping Tim off at church, and then I went to Rock A Bye to shop! I traded in the left-overs from Melanie's freecycled maternity clothes & got an even exchange for 3 pairs of maternity shorts! Yay!

Then I headed back to church and Tim and I enjoyed the service. After church we went to Wal-Mart to get some groceries. I had another bad BH contraction while we were shopping so we didn't dilly-dally.

When we got home, we had frozen fried fish & frozen clams and frozen french fries for dinner. We also watched "Knowing". I gave it a so-so, I'm not into "end of times" movies & this one wasn't even all that well done.

Then we went to bed.

Sunday we slept in. Tim cut the grass, I finished Harry Potter 7 and then made sausage & eggs for breakfast. I also got chili started & made tea.

Then we both got busy cleaning house & Tim ran to the grocery store. I also made a French Vanilla Creme pie that was delicious!

Around 4:00ish, Tom and Peggy, Beth & Loren showed up and we visited w/ them. I made 2 batches of corn bread (the first one the mix expired in 2006 & it was FLAT, like paper thin) and then we ate. It was nice. (Except for the aforementioned Coming-Home-Outfit drama)

Then Tim and Loren took off to go rotate Tim's tires & the whole Chrissy drama followed.

I'll be back later to post about the Chrissy drama & Monday.

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