Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday Aug. 5

Tim and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary yesterday. It was a nice day even though I was tired and stressed and really SUPER beat.

I got up early as usual & did the normal bit of housework. After the kids were up, Ashley was bathed & dressed, and they all had breakfast, we headed out.

We went first to the movies at Regal Greenbrier 13, to see "Charlotte's Web" for free. Our first choice was "Inkheart" but it was sold out.

After the movie, we swung by the Water & Health store to refill our 5 gallon jug. If you need to buy filtered/clean water, I strongly suggest the Water & Health store off of Battlefield Blvd. in the Sam's Crossing shopping center. It's a small family owned joint, they carry the water to your car, and it's inexpensive. (About $2.50 for 5 gallons of water!)

After that we went to Wal-Mart to get a few groceries.

We left there and headed to the library to get Ashley signed up for the reading program & to let the kids get new books. When we left there, we hit McDonald's for some french fries. (I was craving them.)

When we got home, we had the lovely surprise of Tim being home from work! Yay! I'm so glad he was here because I wouldn't have made it through the afternoon w/o him!

We got lunch made (Pb & J sandwiches), started sauce, Tim made meatballs, and Grayson and Spencer showed up all within an hour of us getting home.

Tim had a call for work that he had to take. I let Spencer "cry it out" to take a nap because he was overtired and I couldn't lay down w/ him & leave the other 4 kids unattended. I did listen to him on the monitor & he never cried for more than a minute or two but he fussed off & on for about 10 minutes before falling asleep. It breaks my heart to have to do that, but there really was no choice & he needed the sleep SO badly.

The big kids read and played in the living room. I taught Ashley & my DC girl some cursive moves and Tim did some multiplication problems up for my DC boy.

After that, Tim took over watching the kids for a little while so I could rest and relax. I was BEAT.

After a little while, I took Grayson & Spencer into the playroom & Tim played Uno with the big kids.

Around that time, Amanda and the DC kids' dad showed up. I helped Amanda install Spencer's new "Graco My Ride 65" in her car. That's a NICE car seat. Then, just like that, all 5 kids were gone! (We sent Ashley w/ Amanda for the evening.)

Ahh, sweet peace and quiet.

After the kids were gone we got the pasta started for dinner, spent a few minutes on our computers, and then ate our spaghetti. It was SO good!

After that, we spent some time dreaming about our ideal house & all the rooms we'd like to have & what we'd do with the space if we had it!

Then, it was out into the storm to go get an ice cream cone. I've been craving a soft-serve cone since last Thursday!

After we ate our ice cream, we headed out to Amanda's house to pick up Ashley. We visited with her for a few minutes & then headed home.

When we got home, Tim & Ashley had milk & Oreos (strawberry milkshake flavored ones at that), while I read a chapter of Little House on the Prairie.

I don't know if I've mentioned that or not, but we're reading to Ashley each night & then afterwards having her help write a summary of what we read. If she stays for the rest of the summer, we'll finish this book.

Then it was off to bed.

I slept pretty well last night, until I started having a wierd nightmare.

Thursday Aug. 6

Today has been a wash-out literally. We were supposed to get up & go to the Chesapeake City Park w/ Melanie & her kids, but it rained all night & Melanie was up late, so those plans got cancelled.

The kids played quietly and read until Ashley got up & bathed. Then the three of them ate breakfast, played Sorry!, and then went into the playroom. Around 10:10 we headed out to pick up some Little People from Freecycle, but the woman wasn't home & didn't leave them on the porch. When we got back the kids watched I-Robot and then we had lunch. After lunch the kids all helped make No Bake Cookies (it's DC girl's birthday). Then they spent about an hour in the playroom and now they're watching "Jurassic Park". I've got the laptop set up at the kitchen table so I can keep an eye on them while they watch & still have my "me" time. It's nice.

Big news in our life is that 1) yesterday Tim got a call from CBN--they want to interview him on Wednesday! and 2) he got a phone call from a recruiter somewhere else today! Please, please, please, join us in praying that Tim finds a new job!

Ok, we're having either left-over rice & gravy or homemade pizza tonight for dinner & not doing much of anything. (Unless Tim wants to go walk around a store.) So, that's our Weds & Thursday in a nutshell.

I'm working on a blog post about politics & my opinions on "Obama Care" but it requires time & research so it won't be up any time too soon.


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