Wednesday, August 26, 2009

30 Week Doctor Appt. Update

So, here's the update from my 30 week appt.:

I weighed in at 198 lbs!!!! Up 3.5 lbs in 2 weeks--WAHOO!!! That is like EXCELLENT news for me b/c they've been SOOOOO worried about my lack of weight.

My fundal height was EXACTLY 30 perfect!!

The baby's hb was good & strong & he even kicked the monitor! I had to tell the midwife where to put the monitor to find this silly boy, because he's SO low!

The hospital "strives" for a natural medicine free birth for all moms. Hep-lock is standard procedure, w/ IV only used as needed. (Can be taken off of fluid bag if you don't need it the whole time.) Delayed cord cutting, nursing, rooming in, are all optional & I will need a birth plan & advocate to make sure I get what I want. (Tim & possibly Mom, Mandy, or Melanie better step up!!)

BUT, the do not like to let anyone go past 40 weeks!! She said if I haven't delivered by my due date then they will want to scheedule an induction. Um, no. I asked about denying it unless there was a true medical reason to force the baby out before 42 weeks and she said it wasn't adviced, but they can't stop me from NOT going to the hospital for it. I know w/in a 72 hour window of when I conceived. There is no mistaking WHEN my 40 week mark, there shouldn't be any real problems w/ letting me go late if he needs to.

The doctors in my practice are on-call 24/7. At least ONE of the docs in the practice would come in to deliver me if I don't deliver during business hours or Dr. M's on call time. If I deliver during business hours, Dr.M is the one to come. (I've had to wait almost an hour for a scheduled appt. before, because he had a delivery to run to.) So, hopefully, he's the one to make the catch, but I know it's mostly up to the nurses & hospital staff how well my labor & post delivery care go anyway, so it's really about getting them on board w/ my birth plan.

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Smellyann said...

Sounds good except for the 40-week induction bullcrap. Good for you for putting up a fight about it! Just don't go in. :)

I would love, love, love to be in there with you !!!