Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunday Update (VERY LATE)

Thursday Aug. 20

The day was a boring one. The day-care kids got picked up before 5 o’clock. I cooked a quick dinner of who remembers what! Then I ran out the door to La Leche League in Hampton. It was great! There are 2 leaders, 2 other pregnant women, a woman w/ a weaned 3 yo, and a mama who had a 10 day old baby girl. We all basically just shared our concerns & then discussed them. I’m going to bring my birth plan & baby carriers to the next meeting. I got Rally’s on the way home & then went to bed.

Friday Aug. 21
There were no day-care kids, so Ashley pretty much stuck to herself & I dealt w/ the crap-tastic internet connection. I know I played a lot of Sims 3 & did laundry. I also cooked chili for our dinner because we were expecting Chrissy & the kids to be here.

Chrissy ended up getting here around 7:30 and we ate dinner. She started laundry. Then Tim helped her work on the van & determined that she was having battery troubles. I got Carolynn to bed, set the girls up w/ Harry Potter & convinced Chrissy to just spend the night, since her laundry was taking so long. Tim and I tended to the housework and our laundry & then went to bed.

Chrissy stayed up really late w/ the girls watching movies and Tim and I slept for crap. I was up every single hour all night long.

Saturday Aug. 22
Tim got up early in the morning to go to band practice at church. Carolynn got up and came in bed w/ me. When Chrissy got up, we called junk yards until she found a battery and then she was off. I went back to sleep after she left and didn’t get up until Tim got home. I got a shower and we got ready to go to James & Missy’s house. Tim and James had housework to do, so Missy & I headed out to Belk & Farm Fresh. When we got home, it was raining so our plans of grilling burgers were cancelled. We ended up going to “Santa Fe” something or other across the street from their neighborhood & Mandy’s work. It wasn’t bad.

When we got back to their house, we ate cake & played Uno until 8:00. When we got home it was bed time.

Sunday Aug. 23
We went to the 9:45 service, but we had to drop Lily off on the way there, so we left SUPER early. Church was good but I couldn’t sit through two services without food so I ran to McDonald’s for some fries & coke while Tim did sound in the second service.

Afterwards, we went to Subway & got some real lunch. Then we went to Melanie’s and let Lily out & gave her a tiny bit more attention before heading home.

When we got home, we got SUPER lazy, and did NOTHING.

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