Friday, August 14, 2009

Momdot Blogger Bingo R 31

The next ball I'm going to do is R31, "On blogs, the only time you hear about someones spouse is when they are in the dog house…lets here some of the BEST things you love about your spouse or significant other."

Well, I could go on and on and about the amazing things about my husband. I love Tim with all of my heart and though we do occasionally get on each other's nerves, I would never trade him in a million years.

I could not live without Tim and have loved him since I was 14. (Even though we didn't see each other from 10th grade until my Junior year of college, I would hum this tune to myself, when I was stressed or worried. It wasn't until we started dating in 2004, that I realized that the tune was to a song that we sang at the camping trip, where we met when I was 14. It subliminally reminded me of Tim and calmed me, all those years.)

Tim is patient and kind. He is funny and entertaining. He is self-sacrificing and doesn't have a selfish bone in his body.

Tim is handsome and strong. He is honest and faithful. He loves me "just the way that I am" no matter what.

Tim is smart and loves learning. He is a great teacher and role model.

My husband truly loves me and we are 100% open with each other. We are perfect matches for one another & truly believe that our love is for ever and ever and for always & always.

Here's an edited list of things I love about my husband. Each and every one is still true, even though the list was made (and given to Tim) ages ago!

I love you.
I love it when you hug me.
I love it when you hold my hand.
I love the way you take itty bitty steps when you walk with me.
I love playing with your hair.
I love ...
I love how close you are to your family.
I love how animals are attracted to you.
I love that my nieces and my nephew instantly liked you.
I love every colorful kiss you give me.
I love how you spoil me (even though you don’t have to).
I love it when we sing “You are My Sunshine”.
I love it when you say “Hmmm…”
I love all of our firsts.
I love hearing you talk about computers.
I love taking care of you.
I love our future together.
I love how you can make me smile no matter what.
I love that you forgive me.
I love that we don’t have to be perfect.
I love that you don’t get upset easily.
I love how traditional you are.
I love it when you hold my hand as I get into the truck.
I love it when you help me into my coat.
I love it when you pull my hair out from under my coat/sweatshirt collar.
I love ...
I love ...
I love ....
I love when you say “used of it”.
I love laughing with you.
I love making silly faces with you.
I love kissing you when you least expect it.
I love our funny little “wedding” kiss…it would be funny you know!
I love that you get along w/ Frankie.
I love that you understand how easily I get upset.
I love it when you comfort me.
I love singing “walking around in circles” with you.
I love kissing every inch of you…even when you laugh at me.
I love that first minute when I see you.
I love it when you play my guitar.
I love it when you play your bass for me.
I love it when you smile.
I love taking showers with you.
I love it when you play with my hair.
I love how irresistible you are.
I love your blue eyes. <---since being pregnant, his eyes have been EVEN more attractive to me!
I love how relaxed you can be.
I love how relaxed you make me.
I love how crazy-like you make me, by just laying with me.
I love talking to you about serious things or about nothing and about everything.
I love being around you, even when we are doing separate things.
I love how you hold me.
I love how your hands feel against my face.
I love how you feel when you lay in my arms and let me rock you.
I love the faces you make.
I love alien kisses.
I love how we goof off.
I love watching you squirm as I try (often in vain) to tickle you.
I love letting you take care of me.
I love being your woman.
I love it when you call me sweet stuff, darlin, and Stephaninnie.

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