Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I've been MIA...

Weds. Oct. 29
Well, I ended up going into work & then basically leaving as soon as I got my stuff together. Starting that last period was a BITCH and I was hurting. Monday, I had a migraine. Then Tuesday I was exhausted & crampy & nauseous all day so I stayed home from work. So, by Weds. when AF finally came full force it knocked me out. Tim was also sick that day, I think it was sympathy illness. He had "the runs" super bad & it was making him miserable. He skipped out of work a bit early & came home to help get the house cleaned. I got the whole entire garage cleaned & picked up MOST of the house. My Dad was supposed to get here while we were out to dinner & I wanted the place to be clean. We left the house around 6:10 to go to dinner with Dale & Diana and their daughter Billy Jean. You might not know, that Billy Jean was Tim's second girl friend. (I was his first & third.)

Side story-Tim and I had met before & knew each other through our connections to Girl Scouting. (He even walked me to the bus every day for a week when I was in sixth grade. My parents were in Florida & I was staying with a family friend of Mom's who was also a friend of Peggy's (my MIL). That same family friend is now closest to Tim & I than she is to our parents & her youngest child was our ring bearer!) Anyway, when I was 14 & in 9th grade, I went on a camping trip for Scouts. Tim came as well, b/c Tom (FIL) was in Japan & Beth (SIL) was camping there as well with her troop. Peggy was her troop leader. Tim and I spent the weekend flirting & on Monday afternoon after the trip, he invited me to his homecoming. I went. Tim puked. It was not pretty. The cops at the game asked me if we'd been drinking. I was VERY good back then & this appalled me! Tim's mom picked us up and apparently we watched the news at his house until I had to go home. I don't remember that part--but everyone else does. Anyway, a while later we went to see Flubber with friends at the movies. We talked on the phone, a lot. That was about the extent of that relationship. I got into swimming at school & stuff (other guys) and stopped talking to Tim as much. He was a sophomore & ended up dating BJ at some point in there. When I was in 11th grade, I started at the Tech Center. Tim was there as well. I would go around to his class & we'd walk to the snack machines together. It was cute & all, and we both liked each other, but he was still dating BJ. Around about his senior year he broke up with her (after he'd given her a promise ring) and that was that. She still "loved him" and called and wrote all the time. Then in 2004, he and I re-met at a funeral (of another mutual Girl Scout friend). And that's the end of the story. We've been together ever since. Tim doesn't count our first date until the day he drove to Longwood to get me (Jan. 23, 2004) but we had been out twice before that. I made him take Lauren as well, because I was still shell-shocked from Layne. Layne is a whole 'nother story for another day. He doesn't count the 2 times he went out with Lo too. Anyway....

So, Billy Jean didn't come to our wedding (where her mother toasted us at the reception) and has never been out to eat with us. Even though, we do go out to dinner with D & J quite often. (Or at least we did before we moved!) She decided that she'd come along that night, which was fine. Anyway, it went well, wasn't terribly awkward and we all ate our fill.

When we got home, Dad was just arriving & we helped him get all of his stuff in & then pretty much crashed.

Oh, I just remembered, at some time this day I took my car to the shop to have them fix MORE problems that were found with it. I got it back on Monday of this week. There are still things wrong with it, but they won't fix them. Tim is going to have to or I am going to have to pay someone to. I do not recommend Priority Collison Center to anyone. It is awful. They take no pride in their work at all.

Thurs. Oct. 30
I don't remember much from this day other than, I made rice and gravy for dinner. Mandy came over.

Fri. Oct. 31 Happy Halloween
This was about the lamest Halloween ever. We had like 5 trick or treaters and one of them was "flip flop girl" who did not get any candy from me. She was seriously at least 15 and in street clothes, socks, and flip flops. Um no. Buh-Bye. Dad and I hung out and watched t.v. Then we all went to bed around 10:30 or 11.

Sat. Nov. 1
Tim and I slept in that day. We got up around 10:30, Dad was up and at 'em already. We did a lot of housework and mostly bummed around here. Tim took a load of trash to the dump. He also worked on my car. I had the Girl Scout skating party at 4:00 which I kept forgetting about. Dad and I made chili for dinner. When I got home from skating we ate chili with Manda and J.C. The boys stayed asleep the whole time. Dad, Tim, and I watched 88 Minutes. It was pretty good.

Sun. Nov. 2
We got up early Sunday, to go babysit for Melanie. We were still late, but we tried really hard to get there on time. Tim went the wrong way & then there was a bridge lift. When we got there, C and J were up and eating breakfast. I had some cereal with them and then we went upstairs to find clothes and get the kids bathed. I gave S and C a bath together and then got them both dolled up for church. Then Tim fed S while I got J bathed and dressed. They all looked adorable. Tim had a time trying to get the car seats installed, so we actually left the house around 9:45, instead of getting to church by then. Oh well. We went to Wal-Mart and walked around for a while, just looking at stuff with the kids. Then we went to church. We got there too early and it was pretty boring, waiting for the sanctuary to empty so we could go get seats for 5. The kids were cute, talking to the folks behind us (who also had a 5 year old boy) and all while we did the opening song & then greetings. They all sat on the stage for the Children's Message and S was enthralled with the monitors from the stage. She kept putting her head into the monitor to hear the humming, I guess. After the Children's Message, I took them down to their classes. They are all in seperate classes & went right in without complaint. I went back to church then. I noticed one of the men that Tim really admires, canoodling with a woman I'd never seen in the back row. Turns out Bobby D just got engaged. He and his new fiance were quite close throughout the whole service. Tim won't even hardly hold my hand in church. It really annoys me. It's freaking cold in there. I already wear layers and all but it is SO cold! He could put his arm around me.

After church, we were supposed to go to Rob and Mel's get the stuff I left behind, go home, start sauce, drop off Tim, switch cars, and go back to Rob and Mel's. But then, Chrissy called and invites us over to her house. So away we went. The kids all played together really well. I fed them hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for dinner. Then the day ended, when the cops showed up. Apparantly, Chrissy's across the street neighbor passed away while doing yard work. The father of the child Tony was playing with found him. Tony and Bri were upset that I wouldn't let them outside to be nosy, but oh well. We started to wrap things up then & headed home. Dad had left earlier with Tim so they could go home and make the sauce for dinner. When we got back to Rob and Mel's, J was sound asleep. I carried him up and put him in their bed. I let S watch T.V. while C helped me clean up her bedroom. Rob and Mel got home, not too much longer after that and I headed home.

At home, Dad had sauce made, so I got to work on the spaghetti and other pastas. I made a ton & we tossed out a little. Mandy and J.C. came over, with both boys, awake. Grayson played with the Little People & LOVED THEM! (I got paid in Little People.) He was running around "roaring" with the dragon and lion. Since we got the LP, Rosie has eaten the dragon and an angel. The Little People might dwindle quickly in this house. After dinner we cleaned up and Mandy cleared out. Then we all got ready for bed.

I had a nightmare and slept poorly. In my dream, there was a hurricane and Frankie was injured very badly. It was just him and me and I couldn't make him feel better. I was so upset at the life-like-ness of this dream.

Mon. Nov. 3
School sucked yesterday. I had the computer lab booked for the morning. The kids wrote "3 Reasons You Should Vote" papers. I did grades. I stayed at work late. Then came home and cooked artichokes for Mandy, Tim, Dad, and I. We ate. Then we watched some screen and Mandy left. Then Dad and Tim watched football & I fell asleep 4 minutes into the game. I woke up sometime before half time (9:30) and went to bed. I slept pretty well. I had a nightmare about Frankie's funeral. It was very vivid and I was actually crying when I woke up. After I got back to sleep, I woke up every hour.

Tues. Nov. 4
See next post!

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