Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I hate my job. I hate grading papers. My grades are due by 3:00 --it is 1:46. I am not ready.
UGH. I would have gotten more work done at school.

Desperate Housewives is kind of funny.

Oh, I remember now. The "idea" of Edward Cullen makes me tingle. All over. And I get all giggly. That can't be healthy. I literally squealed when the Twilight preview (that I've seen a dozen times) came on t.v. I am re-reading the books now.

Dad went home this morning. He left around 11 am. He couldn't go avisiting like he wanted to so he headed home. Now I have my guest bed back.

I am doing laundry.

I should go enter grades.

I hope McCain wins. Four years of Obama scares me.

Tim and I will vote later.

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