Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Well, on to next month

From Tuesday Night:

Well it is finally the end of this crap-tastic day.

I had a headache ALL day. Tim bought me some regular Tylenol tonight & it's FINALLY starting ot feel better. (That's what you get when your TTC...reg Tylenol!) I stayed at home & in bed almost all day. I spent a bit of time on my computer too. I had Girl Scouts this evening & that went ok. We did the majority of another badge, so we are well on our way to 2 badges & 3 patches. Way to go Stephanie! I'm actually really INTO it this year so we are being VERY active!

Anybody want to go to a Family Skating Party Saturday? from 4-6:30? It only costs $6 per skater!

From Wednesday Morning:
Aunt Flo has come to visit this morning. Wah.


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Smellyann said...

Oh, poop. I guess no testing then. :(