Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Would You Rather...

1. Would You Rather: Cheat on your spouse and have nobody know or not cheat and have everyone think you did?
Not cheat and have everybody think I did, Tim would know the truth. I could NEVER cheat on him.

2. Would You Rather: have quadruplets or have 4 babies, all 10 months apart?
Quads, you get more help that way! Also, people just think you can't close your legs when you've got kids that close in age!

3. Would You Rather: lose and arm or a leg?
Leg, I think I'd learn better to adapt at getting around than doing things without one of my hands. Hello-typing one-handed is hard! Also taking care of a baby one handed would be hard too.

4. Would You Rather: Be the tallest women alive or the shortest women alive?
Shortest....Tim has said he likes 'em short.

5. Would you rather: Live without music or live without T.V.?
T.V. I don't really watch it anyway.

6. Would you rather: Have an infected ingrown toenail or have your wisdom teeth pulled?
Wisdom teeth, when I got mine done it wasn't really that bad.

7. Would You Rather: Develop the worst case of acne ever on record or have your spouse suffer with it?
I'd totally let Tim suffer with that. I can learn to deal looking at it on him, but if I had acne I'd be miserable!

8. Would You Rather: Always lose or never play?
Never play. I rarely play games anyway. When I do play, I play to win.

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