Saturday, November 22, 2008


Hee hee...well we've got kids again....

Chrissy called on Thursday to ask if I'd keep Carolynn from Friday to Saturday so she could work. I of course, said yes, even though we were trying to get out for a bike ride. Tim has completely vetoed my hopes of buying a bike seat & helmet for the crew of kids we watch. Oh well.

So work sucked big time yesterday. I was tired and cranky. My kids were OK. I had an observation done on me but I quickly whipped up some plans so all things are good on that front.

I had a conference at 3:00 and by 4:00 I was on my way (McDonald's in my belly) to Virginia Beach. I stopped by Rock-A-Bye-Baby and Misty let me have my $0.60 worth of pacifiers, nipples, and sippy cup valves for free. That was cool. Then I went to Chrissy's house & grabbed what little clothes I could find for Carolynn. Then I drove to her job site & got Caro's car seat, then to the babysitter to get the kiddo to go in the seat. Carolynn was pretty cranky & hungry so we decided not to go grocery shopping. Instead we swung by Melanie's house to pick up the sippy cups.

There are 21 sippy cups in all! I just sterilized them & am sorting them out now.

Chrissy is getting: 3 Graco cups, 1 Munchkin (Blue's Clues) Cup, and 1 babyish cup
Mandy is getting: 2 Straw cups 1 is Playtex, the other is Cars, and then 2 Playtex Sippies one Cars and one with fishies on it

I am keeping the bulk of them b/c I'll still be able to use them when I have kids and sometimes I have 3 toddlers here at once!

From the Playtex cups I have 3 Princess, 3 Cars, 3 Babyish, and 2 with animals. I am also keeping 1 Colorchange Graco cup from Mel and I already had one, I also have my babyish Playtex cup with handles still. I don't really NEED that many cups, but I can't just GIVE them to Chrissy to ruin & Mandy doesn't need or want a bunch of them.

After I ran in to grab the sippies and a cupcake, Carolynn and I headed home.

Caro has a bruise on her right cheek and her right eye from a babysitter. URG. She is a super-klutz. She got another bruise on her forehead last night when she nose-dived off the couch & Tim couldn't catch her. She was quite cute last night....up until around 10. Then she was just being a cranky-I-don't-wanna-go-to-sleep baby. She didn't go to bed until midnight!

When we were in the guest room, I was sorting clothes out of the pack n play. I had set a sweatshirt on one of her toys, she walked over, picked it up, and handed it to me, with a her voice, saying "hereyago!" It was cute but naughty too. She has learned the AWFUL word---MINE. Everything is MINE.

I took some pics, but haven't uploaded..I'll make them their own post later.

I'm in the full-on 2 week wait mode of my cycle now. I plan on testing on Thanksgiving depending on my period and my temperatures. (I'm due to start on Black Friday!)
Wish me luck!

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