Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How many...

Well, I haven’t blogged a “real” blog lately, so I figured I’d type one out while I’m at work. It’s 4:05 and I should be working so I can get home…but, ya know.

Anyway, I decided to respond to one of Trisha’s blog starters today.

This one is “How many did you date before you found “the one”?”

Technically, none! Tim was my first date ever. I was his too! We went to his Homecoming Dance, on Halloween night, in 1997. (Whew it’s been a long time) I was 14. Tim ended up puking & we went home early. That relationship lasted maybe 2 months. But they stuck with me.

While I was “talking to” Tim I started to like a guy on the swim team. His name was Lewis. He was a senior and although he told me he liked me, he refused to “date” me b/c he was 18 and I was 14. (My dad probably wouldn’t have let me “date” him anyway.) But, we hung out every day after school while we waited for the swim team bus and of course during and after practice too. Then he graduated and that was that.

During my sophomore year there really wasn’t anyone who caught my eye. I thought a few boys were cute, but I didn’t date anyone.

Then in my junior year I met Ryan, through church. We started going out by going to concerts for a band called G.C.P (God Centered People). We dated for about a year, maybe more, maybe less. We were broken up before the end of my junior year.

In my senior year, I dated a guy named Archie Wyville Bryant III. Yea. That’s one I try NOT to remember. We went to prom and then that was it.

Within a week of going away to college I had a new boyfriend. His name was Alec. I technically stole him, from a girl I had just met in the dining hall. Oh well. We dated throughout my entire freshman year of college. He gave me rides to and from school and I enjoyed the time I spent with him. I probably wouldn’t have had a reason to break up with him so I don’t know how long the relationship would’ve lasted, but he was in the Reserves and was called up to go to Iraq. (This was in early 2002.)

After Alec, I didn’t really date anyone in college. I flirted a lot. I had some “friends with benefits” but I wasn’t really attached to any one guy. The guys I remember are Phil (just friends, never anything more than that), Matt (BF of a friend from Chi Alpha that came onto me once, when I was sick…I never really knew what that was), Damian (A TKE frat guy, who I was dazzled by. He was a cheerleader, but in a good way. He could lift me up and carry me! We never really did anything & we weren’t dating…although there were parties we both attended.), and then the last one, who I won’t even name b/c it brings back bad memories that I don’t want to share.

Then I swore off guys…..until Jan. of my junior year, when I met Tim.
I made my best friend, Lauren, go on our first 2 “dates” with me! Tim doesn’t count those 2 as part of our dating life. Tim is my one and only and I love him more than anything in the world.

So you count them up. How many before I found Tim?

Now, I tag YOU to go on your blog & tell about all of your "significant others" before your CURRENT SO.

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Smellyann said...

Ha, no way. We're talking like 75-100 guys!! :O

I'll have to pass. Maybe if SIL and MIL didn't read my blog...