Sunday, November 23, 2008

2 Things

1. During the first song at church this morning, I had an unexplainable crying fit. Like literally felt the tears coming, rushed out of the sanctuary, and then burst into tears in the narthex. I spent 5 minutes in the bathroom SOBBING for no definable reason. When I finally pulled it together, I washed my face and went back to church. I have NO idea where it came from. I wasn't UPSET about anything. I had really no thoughts of WHY I was crying. Just sobbing. WTF!? It was so bizzare that I'm still kind of riveted by it.

2. Twilight the let down. Robert P. doesn't do "Edward" for me. Kristen did a good job of portraying Bella. They COMBINED a lot of scenes and butchered a bunch of others. There's VERY little dialogue and the movie feels both SLOW and RUSHED at the same time. Tim was not impressed...but it was a B movie anyway, so expectations weren't super high. I liked it, will probably buy it & see it again, but, I don't think it did the book justice. I think if you were on the fence about whether or not to read the books & the movie was going to make your decision for you, you probably wouldn't read the books.

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