Friday, November 7, 2008

Little People!

Well, I just had fun sorting & setting up all the Little People I earned babysitting last weekend. They are SO cute. Carolynn is going to make a mess, I mean, have a blast, playing with them!

Here's a customer photo of the Robin Hood set. I have Robin Hood, his horse, the dragon (which is trash 'cuz Rosie ate it's head), the unicorn and Maid Marion.

The night, king, queen, and horse, you see are part of the castle set. (which I don't have) I also have a not pictured Dragon Cave.

Here's the Nativity Set.

Rosie ate the angel. Lily ate the corner of Baby Jesus. Dogs. What can you do but love 'em.
I'm missing the king in red.

Here's the Playground. Fisher-Price doesn't sell this anymore.
I'm missing the little girl with the balloon. Here's the SUPER COOL Learning A-Z Zoo.

Here's Noah's Ark.

I'm missing both elephants and the bottom half of the ark. Mel you got the boat part around there somewhere?

Here's the School Bus!

Here's the Air Plane!

Here's some more Noah's Ark characters. I have a kangaroo & the two leopards.

Here's the Barn.

Here are some more barn animals.

Anyway, I love them! Thanks Mel!
There are also 5 misc. boys, 6 misc. girls, and a misc. dog. Fun Fun Fun!

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Smellyann said...

Yes, I have the Ark for you, sorry! Oops, though, I kinda need the queen back, I owe it to the other lady. Sowwy! Sorry about Rosie eating the angel and other thing, too. Oh, and as for the elephants and one other pair you said you didn't have, we never had those - Fisher Price changed out the animals offered with the sets!

Glad you're having fun!!