Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas of Dreams

Momdot is hosting another fun event right now, that I just MUST tell you about! It's their Christmas of Dreams contest. One amazingly lucky winner is going to win a huge (over $1,000 value) prize pack to make this truely one amazing Christmas!

The super wonderful and awesomely generous sponsors are (and subject to be adding more as the month goes on):
The Shrunks
Soda Club
Kadi Prescott
Uncommonly Cute
Lollipop Book Club
Silly Monkeez
LA Plates
Natitys Design
Little Black Box
Kidz Sunglasses
jaC Jewelry
Huddy Buddy
Lets Go Strolling
Sassy Baby
Baby Legs
Organic Blankees
Shi Shu Style
Georgie Tees

My favorite sponsors from that list include:

1. Dyson! We LOVE our Animal. We bought it almost 3 years ago and it's going strong. We had to buy a new vacuum because our apt. flooded (on Christmas Eve 2006, essentially ruining our first Christmas as a married couple) & we got new carpet. Our little "dorm room" vacuum couldn't cut it against the new carpeting. If we win the prize pack we'd be passing the Dyson portion on to my MIL or one of my sisters. My little sister has 4 cats and three stories in her home. A Dyson would be SO great for her! MIL has 3 small dogs (nonshedding) and could use a new vacuum! The DC25 Animal would be the vacuum I'd buy myself if I could go out and get a new one. Ours doesn't have the cool ball thingy that makes it turn on a dime.

2. Soda Club! Wow that is cool! I didn't even know they made do-it-at-home soda! That is awesome! And GREEN! I love it. Now that's one toy I know my friend Melanie would love too! We are the "hippies" in our group! Hee hee...

3. Kuster (ModernTots) Awesome! The question should really be, what DON'T I love on their webpage! I love it all! The bamboo swaddling blanket is adorable. The merino G blanket would make a great Christmas gift for my niece Carolynn. My Godson, Trevor, would love the Melissa and Doug cutting foods. There are so many awesome things on this webpage. I even already had them bookmarked for a few baby items I want, when I have a baby!

4. Natitiy's Design-Cocoa Blue Paisley Baby Sling....oh beautiful! I don't need a sling & I don't know anyone that does either but this thing is GORGEOUS! It even has an innovative pocket that the sling folds into...nifty!

5. Leapfrog--Leapfrog has great gifts for all of the kids on my list. I especially think my nephew would love the Fly Fusion pen! I'm sure he'd love it, Dh even wants one of those! Hee hee...I don't think you can go wrong when you give a Leapfrog toy as a gift.

6. Appledonia--Cute hand embellished tees! These would be perfect for using with longies!

Now, the wonderful women who run Momdot have asked me to explain why I think my family deserves to win this awesome prize package.

I know that Tim and I are not the most needy people on the planet, from first hand experience.

Tim and I are blessed beyond belief. Tim and I both have good paying jobs, nice cars (a 2005 Toyota Corolla and a 2008 Toyota Tundra), we have a warm house to live in, we make all of our bill payments. We have a few creature comforts, like Digital Direct TV with HD recievers and even a DVR box in the office, we have our cellular phones, which were top of the line when we bought them (Palm Treos), we have our puppies and Blondie. All of those things are bonuses. We don't deserve them and we sometimes struggle to keep them, but they are just that creature comforts. If times get too tough, we'll start cutting from that list. (Pets last!) We live near the majority of our family and have lots of friends who love us. We have a wonderful church family that supports us and prays for our well being. We are trying to concieve our first child and God willing we can afford to pay for all of my fertility treatments.

I would love to win this prize package because it contains many things in it that I could never justify/afford to buy for myself. It also has some things in it that I'd love to be able to share with those around me. Probably the biggest benefactor of the package would be my older sister. She has 4 kids, but only has custody of her baby. Her husband (their STILL in the process of getting divorced after 4 years) recently took all of the kids from her. Tyler (11), Brianna (9), and Ashley (7) all live with their dad and go to their Mom's every other weekend. They see their baby sister 2 weekends a month. Carolynn (16 months) lives with my sister. She was in trouble in the past, but she's been clean and sober for over 2 years and is making a decent effort to get her life together. She is a painter and so her work is seasonal. She struggles every week and is always behind. I know a lot of the things in this prize pack would make her Christmas amazing. I'm sure there will be things in the prize pack that the kids would enjoy as well.

One reason that Tim and I deserve to win this is because we LONG to be able to give all of our friends and family nice Christmas gifts, but this year it just won't be possible. My car accident (Sept. 25) and then Chrissy's car accident (end of Sept/beginning of Oct.) set us back a lot. We had to pay our entire deductable and then we paid to get Chrissy's car towed and Tim helped her get it fixed up. That was basically our entire Christmas budget out the window. We'd be able to bless a lot of people (if not everyone on our shopping list) with this Christmas prize pack. To me, that would be a great thing. It breaks my heart to know that we can't go above and beyond (like I'm so used to doing) this Christmas. So, this prize package would enable me have the Christmas of MY dreams because I'd be able to spread the love and give NICE gifts to all of my friends and family. I'm sure there will be things in there that Dh and I would love as well, so that'll be a nice touch!

Anyway, most of all, whoever wins this contest will be a very lucky woman/family! The sponsors and all of the women who run Momdot have put a lot into it and I think it's awesome!

Thank you Momdot for this GREAT opportunity.

I hope, if you read this, that you go on over to Momdot and check it out. You can even enter for your friends and family, so be sure to read up on it!

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