Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Blather...

Well, with the Bloggy Party & the Christmas of Dreams going on, I haven't done a lot of REAL posting. So, I figured I'd spend a few minutes tonight, going on about the last few days in the life of STIM. (That's Melanie's nickname for Tim and I.)

Thursday was the day I played hookie to babysit for Melanie. I couldn't seem to do anything right though. I nearly put Jack on the wrong bus, another mother caught me and told me we had to wait for the 2nd bus. Then, I was locked out of the house, with Sophia sound asleep upstairs. Rob had to come home from work & I was out in the rain for 30 minutes. Then, the bus driver didn't let Jack off the bus, because there wasn't a car in the driveway, so I had to go to school to get him! Poor guy, he was just chilling in the office. I took a nap while Sophia and Jack slept though, so that was nice.

Friday was a boring day. I got a dressing down at work. Oh well. I hate my job anyway, and I am defintely not going to be there next year. I have to change positions or something. That was first thing in the morning. The rest of the day was fine and I got a lot done. I stayed at work until something insane like 6:45. I had Grayson and Spencer for a while and that was OK. Mrs. White got a kick out of Grayson, but then, most people do, because he's freaking adorable and he's smart.

Saturday was SUPPOSED to be a kid-free relaxing day, but that didn't happen. We ended up sleeping in, getting up, eating, rushing out of the house and then running all day. When we left the house, we went to Tim's folks, dropped him off, then went to Chrissy's, visited for a while, then left with the girls. Chrissy had to take Tony to the hospital because he hurt his foot. The girls and I went thrift store hopping, trying to find an infant carrier and a helmet for the bikes, so we could take Carolynn for a bike ride. We never did find one. Wal-Mart had a Bell helmet for $10, but Tim said no to spending money on it. The girls and I (Brianna, Ashley, and Caro) then went back to Tom and Peggy's and just hung out until around 5:30. Tim was working in the garage with his dad. After I took the girls home, we all went to CiCi's for dinner. I am starting to lose my love of CiCi's, for real. After dinner, we all chilled for a bit, then Tim and I went to Tropical Smoothie Cafe to get smoothies on our way to Melanie and Rob's. They headed out to Kincaid's to do a mystery shop and we babysat the kidlettes. When they got home we headed home and to bed ourselves.

Today, we got up early and headed to church for the Family Life Center Grand Opening Inaugural Worship Service. It was nice. After church we went to Toys R Us. We bought Christmas presents for Chloe (a Klutz Cat's Cradle book), Jack (10 Hot Wheels Cars), and Sophia (Ming Ming Stuffed Animal, Wonder Pets coloring book, Downloadable video game), Ashley (moon sand set and extra sand), and Carolynn (Barnyard Bowling).

Here are some of the goods we bought. Left to shop for we have, Tony and Brianna (who are both getting Bakugan toys), Trevor (who we have to ask J & M what to get for), Frankie (who will get some part of his new computer from us), Loren, Beth, Mandy & J.C., Chrissy, Rob & Melanie, James and Missy, and then both sets of parents. If we manage to get all of the children bought for, we'll probably do gift cards for most of the adults to various places. My Mom wants village stuff and Tim's dad wants a new drill, so we shall see, what we can afford.

After going shopping, we headed to Tom & Peggy's to get our bicycles. When we left there we went to McDonald's for lunch. I left my pocket book there on accident. After we got home, we just chilled and relaxed. We ordered Pizza Hut in extreme laziness for dinner. Then we watched an episode of Season 2 of Prison Break & drove to VB to get my purse from Tom and Peggy's. (They picked it up for me.)

Now, it's bedtime. I have to be on time to work, or else, so I really need to get to bed.

On a TTC note, I don't think I've ovulated & I'm scared that my irregular sleep over the last few days & stress from work may have caused it. Wah. Tim and I talked and we may be taking a break from drugs/meds/doctors. We'll see.



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Smellyann said...

#1: Spam comments are LAME! Boo to spam!!

#2: You do NOT have to get us anything for Christmas, dudes!!

#3: Sophia is going to freaking love that Ming-Ming!

#4: I'm sorry if this is an anovulatory month. :( I hope not. I hope you are with child soon.

Um. I guess that's all I've got. Off to bed for moi!