Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm sick.

Well, it started yesterday. I thought maybe I was having an allergic reaction to something at Tom and Peggy's because my nose got all sniffly & runny while we were there. Then it got progressively worse today. Now, my nose is running (like a FAUCET!), my ears BOTH hurt, my throat is sore from post-nasal drip, and I have a headache (that I've had most of the day).

Fortunately for me, my doctor has a 24 hour on-call midwife and she was super sweet and wonderful to me. She recommended rest and steam/vaporizer the most, but also suggested hot tea w/honey, menthol steam, regular Tylenol (which we had from the 2WW last month), plain sudafed, lab created sudafed (which is what we have in the house), benedryl (50mg), and more rest. She said those drugs are OK in the "embryonic" stage--she didn't really elaborate as to whether or not they're ok later on down the road.

As of now, we're going ahead with the assumption that I am pregnant. Pray like crazy people. (Literally!) Thanks!

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